Habitat Coffee Review [Updated] - Revamped Menu

This is the first time I have returned to Habitat Coffee, after an unimpressive first visit two years back. The menu has since been revamped and it now offers more all-day breakfast choices.

It was packed inside, but the tables were spaced adequately. Menus are presented when you are seated and after making your choices, orders are taken by the cashier at the counter. The interior exudes a warm, relaxed vibe with brown hues.

Habitat Coffee Menu

We waited a good 20 minutes, before both our orders came at the same time, by which point we were super famished. It would have been better if they had served our churros first because we ended up leaving the pasta aside for a good 10 minutes. 

House-made Churros ($9)

I remembered from the first visit that these weren't great - they came slightly undercooked in the middle. This time round however, these were much more SOLID. 8 pieces of fried-to-just-right-crisp exterior that shatters with a crunch in every bite. I felt like I could rap someone on the head with this and it wouldn't shatter, so you can imagine the kind of satisfying crunch which gave way to an interior that was warm, slightly fluffy dough.  

The chocolate ganache dip was a side to the star that was the non-greasy churros. If I had to pick, it would be that the sprinkled sugar was slight uneven (too much as ends). This is one churros I will return for. 

No. of Tiaras: 4.5

Chilli Crab Linguine ($17)

Pastas are not a usual choice for me at cafes, especially chili crab at that, but because my friend wanted it, so we ordered. 

So glad we did. Despite the photo-taking and eating of churros first (about 15 minutes), our pasta which patiently sat there at one side for us, was piping hot still when we lifted a forkful of the al-dente noodles. The waiting time didn't affect the flavour at all. 

I am not usually a fan of chili crab sauce, because of its sweetness. This was that slight bit more savoury over sweet, rounded off with a kick from the chili that amped up spiciness slightly over the usual level. The chili crab morsels were also SUPER generous. Every forkful had plenty of crabmeat to accompany. 

No. of Tiaras: 4.5

Below are reviews from my first visit 2 years back - these are still on the menu. However given how much better the food fared this 2nd visit, take these with a pinch. I am ready to re-review on subsequent visits. Looking forward to trying their all-day breakfast as well. If it all goes by what we tried above (and not the 1st time), Habitat will be one place I'll be coming back to.  

Macchiato ($3.50)
Macchiato ($3.50)
I am no coffee pro, but decided to give the coffee a shot since it looked pretty decent. The macchiato came in a tiny cup and it was alright in flavour though a bit on the bitter side.

Poutine ($3.50)
For starters, we went for the Poutine, which is described as fries topped with homemade brown gravy. The homemade part got me a little skeptical because the brown sauce tastes somewhat like the instant kind we can get from stores. The fries were ok in texture, but the mildly rancid oil it was fried in was quite obvious.

Shepherd's Pie ($9)
We were looking forward to the Shepherd's Pie, despite the cringe-inducing name (He Will Guide You). Alas, the mashed potato covering the top tasted like the ones out of a premix pack. The minced meat was also too dry. As for the accompanying bruschetta, it came at room temperature and the topping of tomatoes was a tad sour.
Shepherd's pie ($8)
The ham and cheese sandwich resembled more like a burger because of the rounded burger bun it came in. This was decent.
Habitat Ham and Cheese ($8)
Of all the mains, the Eggs Tomato Relish fared best. It is very similar, if not is, the Mediterranean Shakshuka. The combination was very appetising and the sauce a little addictive with the bread. You can choose your preferred style of eggs (ours was runny).

Eggs Tomato Relish ($14) 

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