L'eclair Review - Dhoby Ghaut

L'Eclair, located slightly off the edge of the bustling Orchard Road stretch, is a pretty place ideal for an afternoon chat over tea. And that is exactly what L'eclair offers - as its name suggests: eclairs. It is opened by Sarah and Michelle, both of whom studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Thanks to them, we now have another taste of Paris in Singapore from their eclairs. 

Apart from eclairs, the menu has coffees, lattes and some other savoury pies (chicken & bacon pie/wild mushroom pie/ quiche lorraine). They also offer an All Day Tea set for 2, at $40. This comes with 3 eclairs ($8.50 each), 1 savoury pie/quiche of choice and 2 drinks. This is actually quite a good value for money considering the price point of each separate item, and the food is enough to fill one up. 

L'eclair Menu

L'eclair Menu 2

We took the set and added one more eclair. 

Chicken Bacon Pie ($12)

This pie has gained itself a name for L'eclair. Unlike other pies which have a shortcrust/pie pastry, the chicken bacon pie's crust is more crumbly and has that unmistakeable buttery aroma. 

The filling within is a well-marinated mix of chicken and bacon. It's a sweet-savoury pie - the sweetness coming from the pie crust. Different from the usual but delicious and we could see why it was deserving of being the signature. 

No. of Tiaras: 4.8

Eclairs: Matcha Azuki, Ispahan, Lime, basil, coconut, milk chocolate

We wanted to pick the dark chocolate eclair, which my friend swore was the best of the best, but being the best of the best, it was sadly sold out. So we took the next best. Our picks: Matcha Azuki, Ispahan, Lime, basil, coconut and Jivara milk chocolate.

Jivara Milk Chocolate, Matcha Azuki

Lime, Basil and Coconut, Ispahan
All their eclairs are consistent in shell thickness - not too thick and each shell encompasses the flavours' cream. 

Of these, the Ispahan stood out the most for me. It isn't overwhelmingly sweet and the combination of rose cream, lychees and raspberry worked amazing (this flavour combination originated from pastry king Pierre Herme). 

The matcha azuki cream had the strong, dense bitter flavour of matcha, reflecting the good quality matcha used in it. This is definitely a great choice for matcha lovers. 

No. of Tiaras: 4.5 (Ispahan) / 4.5 (Matcha Azuki)

One of their new flavours, the lime basil and coconut isn't for everyone, but I took to the tangy sour and basil taste. Something different.   

No. of Tiaras: 4.0

The Jivara milk chocolate eclair was good as well, but as the rest were so unique, this felt a little common. 

No. of Tiaras: 3.5

By the time we hit the fourth eclair, we were feeling quite overwhelmed by the sweetness of it all. When trying the different flavours, be sure to start from the lightest to the heaviest (ie matcha azuki). 

 The tea set comes with a drink for each person. My pick of Green Tea Latte, came with the cutest, well-pulled, bear latte art. Sadly, the green tea flavour was very diluted and it felt like drinking 90% milk. In retrospect, it may have been better to pick tea to go along with the sweets. 

Would I return? This is definitely one of the places which isn't for every weekend because of the nature of the food. For sure, they do excellent eclairs and the bacon pie is a good reason to come back.

L'eclair by Sarah Michelle
190 Clemenceau Avenue, #01-28 
Singapore Shopping Centre, 
Singapore 239924
Open 11am-8pm Tues-Friday; 11am-9pm Saturdays; 11am-6pm Sundays. 
Closed on Mondays
Tel: 9101 1971