The New Starbucks Breakfast Review - $6.90 Breakfast Sets (SG)

I am not a Starbucks stalwart, but the recent new introductions to their breakfast sparked my interest. At $6.90 for a breakfast set - one breakfast menu item with brewed coffee/tea (free upgrade to latte/cappuccino going on now till end March), it is pretty reasonable for Starbucks. Especially when you think McDonald's big breakfast set comes in around that price (a BBF with cappuccino costs $8.10, though the quantity is more). 

Their new launch includes a slew of healthier offerings touted as made without trans-fat, corn syrup or artificial colouring: think wholemeal bread sandwiches with ingredients like egg whites and chicken breast.  

Rosemary, Emmental Cheese and Chicken Croissant

This was recommended by a friend. It was only during the 3rd time I ventured to Starbucks that I managed to get it, perhaps a proof of its popularity? 

The Rosemary chicken, onion and celery filling resembled the minced texture of tuna filling in sandwiches. Mine came with the croissant nearly flattened - most likely the tongs used clasped the croissant too hard. ):

The croissant itself was a bit soggy, like how a microwaved croissant is. Ok this is microwaved, but still there are microwaved croissants which turn out good ain't? Those who aren't into onion and celery can skip this, like me, because the presence of these in the filling is quite distinct.

To be fair, the presentation may differ across branches, depending on your barista's mood and strength. 

Turkey Ham, Egg White and Cheddar sandwich 
Turkey Ham, Egg white and Cheddar between two wholemeal buns
The cheese melted nicely after they heated it up, and it comes with a slice of turkey ham. The egg white needed a sprinkling more of salt though. This will fall under healthy tasting to normal people because it is a little too bland. 

The wholemeal bun(bread person here) fared good. It retained its structured exterior with little crumbs atop while fluffy inside, with an aroma. Add your own salt, but otherwise this will cut it for a healthy option. 

Grilled Chicken, Mushroom, Spinach and Egg Sandwich

I liked that the spinach is embedded inside the egg, but the grilled chicken has this rubbery consistency. If you need meat and vegetable balance among their breakfast offerings, your best bet would be this. Again, you may need to add your own salt. If it matters, the buns are not wholemeal for this.

Egg White, Roasted Pepper, Mushroom & Cheddar Wrap 

The egg white wrap is probably the most well-seasoned out of the rest. In terms of taste, this has an edge in terms of in taste as it is not dragged down by blandness. If you don't mind that it is meatless, this is good to pick. 

Egg Omelette Croque Monsieur 

This is a panini bread with a layer of omelette, and another layer of melted cheese with turkey ham pieces and some herbs sprinkled on top. Similar to the ham and cheese bread you can get from bakeries, with the exception being the added omelette layer. Erm, the other choices are more unique.

As for the egg mayo sandwich, I didn't venture to try as a barista warned us against it. Hmm. The last two untried items are the pancakes and croque madame.

Starbucks has managed to keep its consistent theme of healthy in these breakfast sets. It is also a boost for calorie-counters given that these sets are lesser of a calorie bomb. They can make for a pretty lasting breakfast (till about 2pm) if you get it along with a drink (cappucino/latte). 

The new breakfast offerings are offered till 11.30am on weekdays and till 2.30pm on the weekends. Do not go after this cut-off times.The items are also available after breakfast hours, going at $5.90 for just the item and are subject to availability at each different store.

On the food, well, this is Starbucks. What did you expect?