Boruto Bar Review - Fusion-Mod Japanese Tapas in the CBD [Media Invite]

Located in the CBD, Boruto is a Japanese bar that serves up fusion Jap-mod dishes, tapas style. The place has a good collection of sakes, and they pride themselves on their collection of it in a 'vault' that has a cute set of old security boxes, left behind by the previous bank occupant serving as decor. This made sense then, because 'Boruto' means vault in Japanese.

On the menu is a mix of hot and cold tapas, as well as a good selection of sakes.  

Saga Gyu Tataki with Saffron 
Saga Beef Tataki ($28.8)
The beef slices are seared on the outside while remaining rare on the inside. The end-result is tender and savoury with the right touches of umami. Some may find it a little conventional out of all the fusion mod dishes, but this worked well for me. 

Ahi Tataki 
Ahi Tataki ($12.80)
The Ahi Tataki is a dish of seared ahi tuna. The spicy kick brought by the sauce gave this dish something different. It can be an option if you like your fish tatakis and the wasabi Yuzu dressing elevated the dish to make it refreshing. 

Crispy Rice Cracker Tacos 

Crispy Rice Cracker Tacos
I liked the mushiness of the pulled pork against the creamy background of the guacamole. The crispy rice cracker added a contrasting crunch and the chilli salsa gave a good kick to the end. Altogether, this has to be my favourite dish in the tasting 

Tori Take Roll
The Tori Take Roll is a chicken roulade stuffed with shiitake jam. It is drizzled with a Chinese-style vinaigrette which comprises of sesame, chilli, soy sauce and black vinegar. The shiitake jam is really delicious, but the flavouring of this dish is more suitable for the chinese palate. 

Uni Pasta v1.1 

Uni Truffle Pasta ($35.8)
It is version 1.1 as the chef has reinterpreted the signature from the previous chef by adding his own 
touch of uni to it. The fishiness of the uni was a little too overpowering for us. Not for everyone. 

Dessert - Warabi Mochi, Souffle cake, Truffle Creme Brulee

From Top Clockwise: Warabi Mochi ($6.80), Chocolate Souffle Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream ($8.80) and Truffle Creme Brulee ($12.80)
The Warabi Mochi was chewy and bouncy. Decent but the one from Shirokiya (review here) remains one up. 

As for the souffle cake, it came as promised with a richly oozy molten chocolate centre. The whole combination of soft cake with the melted chocolate was a delight. My favourite dessert of the three, this was a crowd-pleaser. 

The creme brulee had a whiff of truffle in every spoonful of the slightly watery creme. Again, not for everyone, simply because the truffle and milky creme may not be a combination to everyone's palate. There were lovers, as well as those less enthusiastic in our crowd. 

It is a good place for knocking back a few glasses, especially if you are into sakes and the food here doesn't lack in quality, though some unconventional flavours may not appeal to everyone. You will need deeper pockets though. 

Many thanks to Openrice for the tasting invite!

Boruto Singapore 
80 S Bridge Rd, #01-01 Golden Castle Building 
Singapore 058710
Open from Mon - Sat: Tapas Bar 6pm-11pm (first level), Sake Bar 4.30pm-12 midnight (Upper level)
Last order 30 minutes before closing