Maki-San Review - The Ingredient Choices To Pick For Your DIY Sushi/Salad

Maki-San is known for its fully DIY sushi and salads concept. Bad news for the indecisive (me), It's perfect fun otherwise, with all sorts of different combinations you can put together each time. They have 2 outlets - one at The Cathay and the other at The Arcade (Raffles Place).

They serve up makis (sushi rolls), salads and even sandwiches (The Arcade branch only) but most people get the makis. At $9.90, it's pricey for a roll of sushi but it's alright if you close one eye and see it as healthy food - if you pick the healthier ingredients. There is cheaper but just get the Mega San. The roll sizes are the same, just that the Mega San includes a choice of a premium ingredient like Salmon sashimi or soft shell crab. The little san on the other hand, just avails you basic ingredients, which are mostly greens. Same goes for the salads. 

At The Arcade, you get a choice of sandwich too ($4.90-$5.90). Note, the sandwich is pretty small in size and is probably more suited as a filling breakfast option. For a full meal, it is only semi-filling even for ladies. You can also opt for other sauces aside from the listed, but there's a chance your bread may be drenched like mine if the sauce is runny. The listed options hold up better and won't let your bread become a soggy mess. It would be better if the sandwich was toasted though since it is pretty much served at room temperature.

There are many ingredients on the list, but here are some delicious ones to pick and others to avoid.

1. Roasted peppers. These are so flavourful that it makes every combination moreish.

2. Steamed prawns (ebi). The small whole prawns are succulent, making it a delight to bite into. 

3. Soft Shell Crab. It's fried and it's crab. What goes?

4. Caramelised sweet potato. Theirs is a pretty purple.

5.Salmon Sashimi. Fresh and sliced decently thick. These will make your money worth.

1. Curry Sauce. It overpowers your ingredients and there's a kind of aftertaste that makes you wonder if it's instant/has been left for a while.

2. The fried stuff (including the soft shell crab). There's a kind of pong to their pre-fried ingredients, which is slightly similar to the smell you get when the same oil has been used too many times.

They also have a monthly special dressing, so do check (and try the Wafu if it's in). Go ahead, roll on.

The Arcade(Raffles Place)
11 Collyer Quay, #01-12 S049317
Open Weekdays 8am-8pm; Saturdays 8am-2pm

The Cathay (Dhoby Ghaut)
2 Handy Road #B1-17/18 S229233
Open Daily from 11.30am-9.30pm