Review - Five Oars Coffee Roasters

Opened since July, Five Oars Coffee Roasters is a spacious cafe overlooking the winding roads along Tanjong Pagar. It has seats both outdoors and within the air-conditioned indoors. The white/grey-themed walls gives the place an open laid-back, industrial vibe. They also have a gorgeous centrepiece of greenery in the outdoor section, which one can seat around. 

On the menu are cafe favourites from brunch to lunch and dinner mains. There are coffees of course, all pulled in full view at the front counter. Prices for the food here are a cut above the average cafe's in the high tens and starting twenties. They also have cakes available, displayed at the front counter. 

Five Oars Coffee Roasters - Starters, lunch and dinner mains menu

Flat White 
The Flat White was surprisingly quite muted in the aroma and the taste of coffee was not evident, perhaps a tad diluted from the milk or a matter of only one espresso shot only? 
Avocado and Eggs ($17)
The pleasant surprise though was the Avocado and Eggs. It came beautifully plated with a dash of mashed beetroot setting the background to a slice of (very) crisp, buttered sourdough topped with smooth, well-seasoned guacamole. The combination of poached eggs, - which was a slight overly-done so only some yolk flowed - with the feta cheese, avocado slices, seared baby tomato, and occasional citrus note from the lemon squeeze all came together very well, like a piece of well constructed art with different elements working in tandem. I'd order this again anytime. 

Overall, middling coffee, lovely ambience for an afternoon of chats or kickback with a coffee and book. If only the coffee can match the food, and at a slight more pocket-friendly price, it would be worth many visits.  

Five Oars Coffee Roasters 
39 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088462
Open daily from 8am-10pm