Two Wings @ Essen (Pinnacle Duxton) Review

Located in Essen, a concept food court right on the ground floor of Pinnacle Duxton, Two Wings seems to have nestled itself into another 'hip' environment alike to its other stall at Salut. The stalls at Essen offer the gamut from Italian pasta and pizza to French food by Emmanuel French kitchen (also at Salut). 

There's a drinks stall which sells surprisingly affordable beverages ($1.50 iced milo). For a unknown reason though, they do not sell plain water and offer only sparkling water by the brand of Naked ($5 for a 500ml bottle). We didn't quite understand this, especially when the other drinks were so affordable. Perhaps, it was to go with the 'classier' food court concept.

Couple Platter ($17.90) - 6 Wings and Choice of 2 Sides

The 6 wings on our couple platter were crackling crispy and yielded the same juicy. robust meat within. The juicy meat was also flavourful. We ate up every bit including the skin. The batter was slightly thicker than we had before at Salut (read the review here), but still, it was great. However, you may want to stick to 2 wings per pax. We maxed out at 3 and struggled at the last wing because it was a little too much meat. 

The stall also has a special add-on offer of $2 for twister fries with every meal order. We couldn't resist the sweet potato fries, which comes as an upgrade of our normal fries in the combo meal for an extra $2. So we ended up with

                           Sweet Potato Fries
                                Twister Fries

Fries. A lot of fries. 

Plus, another side order of nuggets. The primary texture of both fries is comparable to a known fast food chain's to, without the occasional staleness that sometimes plagues the chain's version. It definitely stopped my compulsion to go for twister fries at the chain.

Our platter was also supposed to come with another side of cucumber and carrot sticks with mayo dip. However, it was missed out in the confusion and we didn't think of it in our excitement with the food. Only later did we recall.
Nuggets (8 for $5.50)
As for our additional side of nuggets, it turned out to be ordinary. Only order if you are having a major craving for nuggets. Otherwise, other sides will likely do better. Apparently, the mozzarella cheese sticks are another signature side too.

For 2 girls, we were stuffed with the combo meal and had to take away the add-ons of twister fries and nuggets. That's not counting one more side that comes with the platter, which was missed out on. So yes Two Wings, our cucumber and carrot sticks please?

Two Wings (Essen) - The Pinnacle @ Duxton
No. 1 Cantonment Road #01-01, Pinnacle@Duxton, S080001 
Open Tues-Sun, 12pm-3pm and 6pm-10pm

Directions from Tanjong Pager MRT:
Take exit A from Tanjong Pagar MRT. After exiting, Pinnacle Duxton can be seen in the skyline (in the direction of Orchid Hotel towards Tanjong Pagar Plaza). Walk in that direction, cutting through Tanjong Pagar Plaza, until you pass Duxton Park. After a short flight of steps, the 'food court' will appear to your left once you reach the foot of Pinnacle.