Review of Potato Head Folk by Three Buns - More Buns Please

Hailing from Bali, Potato Head Folk took over the iconic facade of the Tong Ah building a year back in 2014. The restaurant occupies all 3 stories with the rooftop converted into an al-fresco bar. 

The place is decorated in playfully quirky and cute decorations, making it comfortably casual with a touch of charming class.
The main dining area is on the 1st and 2nd floor, while the rooftop terrace that turns into an open bar at night.  

The main focus here on its menu are its burgers, and really, only the burgers. Do note that prices do not include any sides and are just for the burger alone. That isn't inclusive yet of gst and service, so it may come across a little pricey.
                        Food Menu
Drinks Menu
There is also a cocktail menu for those who wish to wind down. 
Cocktail Menu
On the menu are a range of burgers which contain mostly beef patties, but there are also chicken and fish selections. The classic one to order, however, would be the "Baby Huey". 

"Baby Huey" with Naughty Fries
The "Baby Huey" is described as containing a prime 150g beef patty with pickles, spiced mayo and notorious house-created 'T.O.M' sauce.
'Baby Huey' burger ($18)
The beef patty was very well-seasoned and grilled to a medium with a slight char at the edges. It may be a little dry for some, but it was still alright for me because of the moisture from the 'T.O.M' sauce (a combination of tomato sauce mixed with star anise) and mayonnaise that accompanied it. 

Interior of the 'Baby Huey'
The bun itself had a nice toasted crispness on the outside, with a fluffy interior. It would be something I'd order again, because of the requisite smokiness and an accurate ratio of bun-patty all present. It may however, be a little small for those with bigger appetites.   

Our side order of Naughty Fries, which has been hailed as a must-order, had a satisfying beef chilli drenched over thick cut chips. 
Naughty Fries ($10)
It is described as hot beef chilli on the menu, but we found the spiciness very manageable, so it may not be hot at all for spice-lovers. Some chips were over-fried, but that added a nice occasional crunch to the chips.

'Chicken Rice Burger' (National Day Special 2015)
Chicken Rice Burger Set - National Day Special 2015 ($24 with fries)
It is probably off the menu already, but I'd hope to see it offered again. The Asian fries that was part of this National Day special really hit home for the sides, The combination of sour-sweet mayonnaise with a lingering fragrance of chicken rice oil was very very addictive. 
Asian Fries
It should seriously be considered as a permanent addition to the menu.

As for the Hainanese Chicken Rice burger, the chicken patty possessed the aromatic garlicky-ginger fragrance that we are familiar with in chicken rice. Paired with the house-made chilli, it really tasted as chicken rice would be in burger form. 
Hainanese Chicken Rice Burger
It was just a slight pity that the patty was made of breast meat, which resulted in a fibrous texture that was slightly on the dry side. It would have been a notch up had thigh meat or a more tender part been used. There was also a side of soup that came with the set served in a cute little teapot, but it was too concentrated in its seasoning/spices concoction. This was the only letdown for the meal.

Potato Head Folk delivered overall with decent quality  in its burgers and sides, as well as a distinctive style in its seasoned patty and sauces combination. Going by the burgers we tried, it seems to be a reliable go-to for burgers. Three Buns? I will likely come back for more - when the hole in my pocket is stitched.

Potato Head Folk by Three Buns
36 Keong Saik Rd, S089143
Open Tues-Sun, 11am-Midnight 
Studio & Rooftop: 5pm-Midnight
 *Note: Walk-ins only for the 1st and 2nd floor.