Shukuu Izakaya Review - Japanese at Telok Ayer [Media Invite]

Fun fact for background: In Japan, an izakaya is a place for knocking back drinks. Here at Shukuu, the emphasis is also on food, especially in the day when good value lunch sets are offered for CBD folks. The place usually enjoys a good crowd at lunch, but it is still conducive for conversations as the tables aren't crammed together. They have just added on new sets to their existing lunch sets range. 

At $15-$20+ per set, the choices include sashimi dons to grilled pork on rice for a main with free flow of the salad bar.

The salad bar has three choices of salad: roasted eggplant in sesame, potato salad and salad. The star to try is the roasted brinjal. The mushiness of the eggplant flesh is contrasted against the supple, eggplant skin that has a smoky roasted flavour to it. I am not a fan of eggplant usually, but this I will eat, and a lot at that.

Bowl of salad bar selection: Roasted eggplant, salad, potato salad

Must try: Roasted eggplant
No. of Tiaras: 4.5 (for roasted eggplant), 3.5 for the others.

Premium Kaisen Don Lunch Set

This is an upgraded bowl of kaisen. Apart from the more common tuna and salmon, the bowl comes with akaebi (red shrimp), hamachi (yellowtail) slices, scallop and ikura. Rice bowls are hard to get wrong if your fish is of sufficiently fresh quality. This passed our standards - our favourite was the hamachi with its hint of fresh sweetness. At $25, this is quite a good money value with the salad bar.

No. of Tiaras: 4.0

Katsu Don

The Pork katsu baked in egg was slightly too tough, perhaps because we got to it only when it was at room temperature. It may have been better (less tough) if each piece was thinner. Katsu dishes are often common at Japanese eateries, so one doesn't have to come here for it specially. Compared to the Kaisen, the Kaisen is a clear cut choice for value and taste.

No. of Tiaras: 3

Negitoro Don (Minced Tuna Bowl)

This comes with a quail egg. Mash it together with the mashed tuna and rice in one spoon and it is one slightly mushy-with-sweetness-of-tuna-and-vinegar-rice delish spoonful. 

No. of Tiaras: 3.5

Salmon Don
The bowl comes with marinated cubes of salmon sashimi, along with thick slices of salmon sashimi. There is also a dollop of ikura at the side. The freshness is again, good. A pretty safe choice for those looking for sashimi.  

No. of Tiaras: 3.5

It tends to get crowded at lunch, so you may find yourself without a salad bar (all run out) if you go past 1. We did land ourselves in that situation on a separate visit, but the staff was thoughtful and served us individual portions of the salad bar offerings from the kitchen.

Many thanks to Shukuu Izakaya for the media invite.

Shukuu Izakaya
8 Stanley Street S068727
Weekdays 11.30am-2pm; Satudays 6pm-10.30pm
Tel: 6327 9240