Review: The Clue-less Goat Cafe (Novena) - More Than Just 'Meh'

We were seeking for cafes to visit on 初二, and they were one of the rare ones open. No , The Clue-less Goat is not so-named because it's the Goat year, and neither because one of the owner's zodiac sign is the goat. Apparently, the name originates from the legend of Kaldi, the shepherd. His sheep refused to sleep at night after eating berries from a tree. Eventually he discovered the cause to be from those berries. Hence, the discovery of coffee. 

The owners used to work at Penny University, but the cafe isn't directly affiliated to it. The interior is furnished with a communal table near the entrance, while little squarish tables that seats 2 or 4 pepper the rest of the space. We enjoyed the cosy ambience, especially when the cafe emptied out at a later point in our meal. 

Though it was just 6 days into their official launch when we visited, their menu had a sufficient variety that included all-day breakfasts, sandwiches and waffles. 

The Clueless Goat Menu - Food

The Clueless Goat Menu - Drinks

The coffee here, made from common man coffee roasters' beans, is light, nutty, and not very bitter. The mocha could do with lesser chocolate though, as there was a distinct hot chocolate aftertaste to it which overshadowed the coffee. 
7oz White Coffee ($5.50), Truffle Tater Tots ($6), Mocha ($5.50).
Truffle Tater Tots 

Truffle Tater Tots ($6)
Everyone has thought about truffle fries, so why not truffle hashbrowns. The truffle tater tots smelled wonderfully of truffle, with small pieces of shaved parmesan cheese sprinkled. Hard to go wrong, and an interesting variation from the usual truffle items we see in cafes. 

Ranchers' Eggs

Ranchers' Eggs ($8)

The ranchers' eggs had beautifully poached eggs and smooth avocado spread with some salsa. One of the eggs could do with slightly lesser cooking time though, for more yolk flow. The multigrain toast lent a crunchy texture. This is perfect for those who are looking for a healthier option. My companion noted that it 'tasted healthy' but this does make the mark on taste for me. At $8, the portion was generous (2 pieces of toast) too and filling enough.

Breakfast Waffles
Left: Breakfast Waffles ($9)
At first sight, the waffles with chorizo seemed quite small in portion (4 triangular pieces) as they looked pretty thin. These ain't your usual round/squarish Belgian waffles; they were thin, crispy with a light buttermilk fragrance. It proved addictive for my friend. The chorizo sausage is slightly spicy, but flavourful. A good change over the other more mainstream choice of bacon.

We rounded off the meal with the salted caramel banana walnut cake. It was nice that they warmed the cake up before dousing it with the caramel sauce. The cake was moist enough, and seems pretty much homemade.  
Banana Walnut Cake ($5.50)
The Clue-less Goat is thankfully, the opposite when it comes to food and its coffee. At a price point lower than most cafes (please stay like that!), items are of great value with quality. Add the warm service in an accessible location that still does not have many cafes yet, this is one cafe to look out for, and hopefully, will stay for time to come.

The Clue-Less Goat
189 Thomson Road, S307631
Tel: 92976960
Open Tues-Thurs 8am-6pm; Fri 8am-10.30pm; Sat 9am-10.30pm; Sun 9am-6pm