THE LIST of Best Salad Places (below $8) In Singapore

Salads. I used to think that they were an unappetising pile of greens tossed together in sour balsamic vinaigrette or other condiments that weren't appealing in taste. Ok, there are salads like that still, but the definition and composition of a salad now has widened to encompass much more than these.

At the time, I could not understand why people would choose to eat salads. To make myself learn to appreciate it, I took up the challenge and went on a 100-day one-salad-a-day diet earlier in 2014. The process is a story for another day, but my view of salads changed from dislike to tolerating to accepting it. However, looking for salad shops were almost a pain, especially on days when I couldn't make my own/or when I was on a tight budget.

This list is for everyone, whether you are an avid greens-chomper or just looking for a 'detox' pre or post-festive season. It is hard to find salad places in Singapore, and even harder to find value-for-money/cheap ones if you start from ground zero. CBD folks are slightly luckier, as there are more abundant salad shops awaiting than compared to the heartlands. Here is the list of the best-value.

1. The Salad Corner

This is my ultimate turn-to for an affordable, filling salad. They have 2 outlets currently at Golden Shoe Carpark and Amoy Street Food Centre. Prices are $1 higher at the former for its basic salad. For $4.90(Amoy St)/$5.90 (Golden Shoe), you get a greens base with an option of 5 other toppings. An additional $1/$1.50 will get you premium toppings (meat), which includes BBQ chicken chunks. The basic salad was enough to keep me satiated till before dinner, while the basic+1 premium meat was so filling that I could only dinner at 8pm when I had it at 2pm.

There is a wide range of ingredients from chickpeas to sweet potatoes to even beetroot and feta cheese. At the end, you get to choose from over 10 kinds of dressings. My favourite is their Japanese Sesame.

2. Toss n Turn 

Going by the quality of ingredients and portion, Toss n Turn by Cedele is unparalleled in this list. Yes, the price is high at $9.90, but you can make it 2 meals if you pay a little more and get more ingredients. This will split the cost to just around $6, which is why I included it here.

For the base, you can choose greens/cous cous/pasta or a mix of 2. Then, follow up with 2 proteins and 2 other ingredients. They have a half portion going at $7.80 (1 base, 1 protein, 1 others), but the regular is more worth it. The egg frittata is a must-get ingredient when you are here. As for the dressing, the plum sesame, which is slightly tart and savoury, is my choice every time.

3. Maki-San

Salmon Sashimi Mega-San - $11.90

Yes, apart from the DIY makis, they do DIY salads too. Maki-San offers the widest range of ingredients among all salad places on this list. Starting at $7.90, the salads come in 3 sizes. The Little-San comes as 1 base + 4 ingredients under the 'Essentials' category. The roasted mix peppers are a good choice to include, if there is too much to pick from.

For the best value however, get the Mega-San at $11.90. The mega does not mean a bigger-sized salad. It just includes the choice of a premium ingredient like salmon sashimi and 2 additional ingredients from the "Specials" category. For the dressing, pick wafu if it is available as the monthly special. It is a savoury sesame and shoyu combined dressing which is low in calories, but amazing on flavour. Otherwise, the slightly sweet yuzu sesame or ponzu dressings are great choices too.

Read the complete review of Maki-San here

Mega-San salads with teriyaki chicken(top) and unagi (Bbttom).

4. Saladbox

DIY Salads - $5.90

Saladbox is located along the underground stretch that connects the Downtown and East-West lines at Bugis MRT station. At $5.80 for a basic salad with 5 toppings of your choice, this is great value, but it scores less on the filling factor. They tend to be less generous with each ingredient - the aunties were literally counting each chickpea they put in my salad the times I visited, but you can pay $0.50 per additional ingredient to fill up.

Crispy Caesar Salad (with some ingredients changed) - $6.50
Premium proteins are also available at $1.90 a portion. If you do not want to customise, their menu salads start from $6.50 for the Crispy Caesar salad, which includes grilled chicken and four other ingredients. An online order function is available too, if you are in a rush.

5. Salad Chef

Big Salad - $6.50.
Located at the basement of United Square, DIY salads (takeaway only) here start at $6.90 with a choice of 6 toppings. The kiosk is simple to find, just opposite Real Food and down the same row as Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak. Happily, the portions are sufficient to keep you full till your next meal. Among the dressings made in-house, the popular one is Japanese Wafu.

This list will be updated if other value-for-money salad places are discovered. Look out for the comprehensive list and review of salad places, coming up soon!



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