The Hangar Cafe Review - For well-made Sarnies and coffee

It's hard to find good sandwiches around. No not those that are made with 2 slices of white bread from the supermarket. A good sandwich, or a sarnie (as the Aussies call it), typically consists of artisanal bread, like rye or sourdough, with a flavourful filling. The Hangar has received fairly positive reviews and pictures of the food looked tantalising on Instagram, so I had to make my way there. We got to meet the owner, Pav, who was previously part of the team at Sarnies, and still every bit enthusiastic about his sarnies here at The Hangar. The cafe's concept is modelled upon the ones in Melbourne, with industrial-chic furnishings.

Located on Arab Street, the place is some distance away from Bugis MRT, but still reachable by foot. It looks just like any other nondescript cafe from the outside, with a fairly spacious interior. The tables aren't cramped together, but if I have to comment, it seems to be a littleee cluttered near to the kitchen.Otherwise, it makes for a good place for a catch-up over coffee and food.

From the menu, all-day breakfasts are available, but the sandwiches are the recommended dishes to have. They have the usual hand-pulled coffees too. What's interesting is that they offer the upsize option here. For just $1/$2, you can upsize your cup to a medium/large cup, which makes it worthwhile for sharing between 2.

The Hangar Menu - Brunch

The Hangar Menu - Sandwiches and Salads

Drinks Menu
Upsized Large Mocha ($7.50)
Our Mocha had a nice balance between the chocolatey and nutty tones. My friend even commented that it was one of the best she ever had.

Pulled Pork Sandwich ($12)
A bite into the Pulled Pork sandwich and I knew it was going to be decent, if not more than. While the pulled pork was tender, the combined flavours from the spices and salsa verde was reminiscent of indian cuisine. This one is spicy, especially towards the end, so for those who can't take a little heat, avoid. 

Lemongrass Steak ($12)
Recommended by the cafe, and also our clear preferred choice. The beef was done nicely to a medium rare and every bite was very enjoyable. The lemongrass brought a refreshing taste to the steak. The beef slices were sandwiched between 2 piececs of toasted sourdough/rye. Very good. You definitely won't go very much wrong by ordering this.

At $12 for most of their sandwiches, The Hangar really is a good place for sandwich lovers(like me) looking for affordability and quality. The coffees pulled here are more than decent. If there's a place I would drop by again for their sandwiches, it would be here. 

The Hangar 
25 Arab Street, 199724
Wed-Mon 8.30pm-7pm. Closed on Sunday