Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters - Review

What was formerly OZ Specialty Coffee in another location previously, has become Pacamara. Located now along Upper Thomson, the place is entirely white-washed, save for the furniture pieces. Still, it is clean-looking without being clinical, and the laidback vibe that is signature of cafes is present here too.

There is a fairly large communal dining bench in the middle, while the rest of the seats are in square tables or raised seating by the window. It may be difficult to come here in large groups, given the seating constraints and its popularity. We were lucky that we didn't have to wait on the weekday afternoon we dropped in, but a dining companion overheard a disgruntled couple grumbling of a 40-minute wait as they left.

Pacamara Menu
The menu for mains spans just a mere page, but there is a sufficient range of all-day breakfast and pastas. Prices here are on the high side ($16 and above at least) for cafes though.

Coffees and Iced Chocolate

Flat White and Iced Thai Coffee
While the beverages were all great, the Iced Thai Coffee stood out for me. There was the presence of a roasted aroma in the aftertaste of a mouthful, which I enjoyed. A balanced drink that wasn't bitter nor too sweet.

Truffle Fries

Truffle Fries ($8)
We got the Truffle Fries to share. The portion was alright and the fries were crisp. However, the truffle flavour and scent was insufficient. It almost felt like having plain fries at some parts. Skip.

Truffle Benedict
Truffle Benedict ($20)

This dish was highly recommended online, and it did not disappoint at all. The aroma of truffle hits even from a distance.

Once cut, the poached egg flowed gloriously to no end. The crispy brioche soaked it all up together with the velvety, flavourful hollandaise sauce. The ham and wilted spinach that acccompanied were fabulous. The ham used was not the cheap cut of deli ham. This was one memorable dish, and one I would order again. On its own, this was filling.

American Breakfast
American Breakfast ($20)

While this sounded absolutely mouthwatering, it was underwhelming. There are many better versions of big breakfast elsewhere. Skip.

Salmon Royale
Salmon Royale ($18)
This is superb for those who like a Japanese touch to Eggs Benedict. Again, the hollandaise sauce was done fantastically velvety and full of ebiko flavour. Apart from the Truffle Benedict, this is another dish that is worth trying.

Pacamara does well on its eggs benedicts, and I do hope so for its other mains. The coffees here are more than decent. It is a good cafe to turn to, be it for an outing or casual company launch. Keep it up and it will be here to stay.

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters
185 Upper Thomson Road, S574333
Tues - Sun 9 am- 11pm; Closed Mon.