Sync Korean Fusion Bistro - Mod-Korean fare and luscious lava cakes at Westgate

Finally, this overdue post is up. Been too busy these 2 weeks with school to barely breath and so I am glad for this respite. Sync Korean may be a bistro-cafe with korean fusion fare as mainstays, but its molten lava cakes have been making waves on Instagram. Located at Westgate, the bistro has both indoor and alfresco sitting available. The bistro is like a chic techie's haven, with tablets available for children (and adults) to occupy themselves with while adults kick back a cuppa.

The menu offers common korean food items like Bibimbap and Jajangmyeon(Black Bean Paste noodles) with a twist. However, they charge for plain water. Not in sync on this one.

Sync Korean Fusion Bistro Menu
The kimchi cheese fries from the recently added new menu was alas, disappointing. We didn't expect it to be really kimchi+cheese+fries.. The medium-cut fries were drenched in a (too) generous amount of nacho cheese sauce and topped with a small portion of the actual kimchi veggies. KFC might have done better for cheaper. Skip.

Kimchi Cheese Fries ($6.90)
The Jajangmyeon uses pasta instead of the usual white wheat noodles. It came smoking hot, with little chunks of diced pork and a side of pickles. The black bean paste is on the sweet side. I like my Jajangmyeon more savoury, but this version went down alright with me still. Some restaurants don't always include the meat in Jajangmyeon, so make sure you check if you don't want to end up with just plain noodles and black bean sauce, like yours truly did on a few occasions. Order this, especially for those who like a sweet-savoury main that is slightly more sweet than savoury.

Jajangmyeon ($12.90)
Finally, the white chocolate taro lava cake, which was what we came for. This is really one of the best lava cakes around. The lava flow was glorious, but be sure to cut right in the middle so the purple lava flows out too. The accompanying taro ice cream was also full of taro flavour and superb with the warm cake.
Taro White Chocolate Lava Cake ($8.90)
My companion didn't like the dense cake texture though I was alright with it. The actual thing was also way smaller than it looked on Instagram pictures. Slightly expensive for the price and size, but really worth a try at least once.

Sync does have an interesting modern korean-centric cafe concept and the spacious place is also conducive for relaxed catch-ups, especially on weekday afternoons. Be sure to leave some space for the lava cakes.

Sync Korean Fusion Bistro
Westgate Mall (direct link from Jurong East MRT station)
3 Gateway Drive, 608532
Sun-Thurs 11am-11pm; Fri-Sat 11am-midnight