FIX Cafe - For a Good Fix

FIX is by the people same people behind GRUB cafe in Bishan park. Located in HometeamNS Toa Payoh, you have to walk for a good 10 minutes from Toa Payoh MRT. But, if you make the trip, the place does reward.

The non-air-conditioned cafe has spacious tables and the best seats are the long wood tables overlooking the pool. I was curious and somewhat excited to see what they could bring this time, largely because my visit to GRUB a year ago wasn't particularly memorable.

The menu is different, including quirky 'naanwiches', some very interesting appetisers, and a good range of desserts. Great for catching up as you won't overhear the conversation of others and vice versa.

At any time of the day, you can also get a set. ($2 to add a drink to any main etc).

Donuts with Salted Egg Dip ($7)
My main aim for coming here was actually the Liu Sha Donuts. Deconstructed custard lava buns, these little balls come with a salted egg custard dip. Alas, it was underwhelming because neither the saltiness nor buttery egginess that is usual of Liu Sha Baos was there. Still, there was something satisfying about this and the idea is brilliant. Pity about the dip.

The mocha we ordered had a nice body and was smooth. One of the better mochas around.

Turkey, ham and cheese naanwich ($10)
The turkey, ham and cheese naanwich came with a poached egg. It really looked like a pizza (and tasted somewhat like one). In terms of taste, this was quite delicious. The naanwiches come with a side of tortillas, topped with some nacho cheese and tomato salsa.

Passionfruit, Mango and Coconut Chiffon cake ($7)
We had a hard time deciding between the spinach and butternut squash quiche or one of the cakes. In the end, we settled for the passionfruit, mango and coconut cake. The thin layer of sponge cake in between was moist, while the cream was smooth and light and tasted refreshing. The bits of passionfruit and mango on the top layer also lent a tangy fruity flavour. The entire piece is beautifully constructed. This is the best cake I have had in a while. It makes me wonder how their other desserts fare.

Going by the cake we had and the looks of the other desserts on display, FIX will be worth returning for their desserts especially. The ambience is laidback and the food and drinks are above average by local cafe standards. I reckon it will be very good for a quiet weekday afternoon coffee or weeknight date (if the place doesn't get too crowded). Prices displayed are nett as well. This is a good place to get your fix of cafe food and spending your time without breaking the bank.

31 Ah Hood Rd
Tel: 6256-1484
Opens daily from 11am-9pm