Concetto - Affordable Mod-Italian Fare [Closed]

From the very people who brought us Saveur comes Concetto, the Italian counterpart to it. The same concept of affordable dining with prices ranging from $9 to <$15 for most mains. Portions are the same as Saveur's, a littleeee small still, but alright if you intend to leave some space for dessert.

A fairly sizeable place with an industrial chic interior, Concetto sees queues during dinner time, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Numbers are taken by an IPad near the entrance. Online reservations are possible too at least a day in advance. The menu features mostly pastas, a few main meat courses and some desserts.

View the menu here:

Crab Risotto ($12.90)
The Crab Risotto came with crab meat and rice crackers. The sweetness of the crab meat seeped into the risotto, giving the dish a seafood flavour. The rice crackers provided a crunchy texture and there was also a kind of cheesy aftertaste. Definitely a new flavour.

The consistency of crunchinesss, with the vegetables still reminded me of gruel somehow. I was alright with it, though my dining companion didn't appreciate the cheesy aftertaste.

Duck Tortellini ($12.90)
The Duck Tortellini comes with a nicely poached egg, new potato (refers to baby potato?) and Parmesan emulsion. These resembled 5 pieces of oversized wantons (chinese dumplings), difference being the 'skin' is actually pasta. For the filling, shredded duck meat was used. Interesting yes, but this wasn't impressive. I would suggest getting something else instead unless you are craving for duck wantons.

The food here is more of mod-italian style. Interesting, though they could do more to up the flavours of the dishes to make it memorable. Nevertheless, the pricing is still, competitive and is a good option for those looking for an affordable yet nice casual dining environment. If you do not have to queue for an hour that is.

The Cathay
2 Handy Road
Daily from noon-9.30pm