Laffio Review - Pop Dining Fun Food

Laffio, or Laugh-It-Out combined in a word, is run by 2 enterprising ladies who are finance professionals by day. The bar-cafe's concept is simple - a place where people can have good food and knock back a couple among laughs.

The menu is extensive, with all-day breakfast, western mains, sandwiches and finger food aplenty. 3-course lunch sets are available as well during weekdays.

Tonight though, we were here for their first-ever Pop Dining Event, featuring 6 courses created by 4 chefs, 1 of them being Laffio's own chef de cuisine.

Coconut Shell Clams in Marinara Sauce, served with toasted bread.
The Coconut Shell Clams in Marinara Sauce featured a smattering of clams housed in a coconut shell. The accompanying toasted bread was very plain on its own, but it is evidently deliberately left so after you dip it into the marinara clam sauce at the bottom of the coconut bowl. The seafood sweetness stands out in the sauce, but the clams were just a little bit tiny within. This was paired with a refreshing frozen lime margherita.

Homemade You Char Kway (Dough Fritter Pieces) with Mozarella Cheese and Tomatoes, accompanied by a Lemongrass Ginger Mocktail.
The Homemade You Char Kway with Mozzarella Cheese and Tomatoes cooked in duck fat may look simple, but it was so delicious. The dough fritters were fried to a crunchy crisp. Combined with the sweet tomatoes and fragrant melted mozzarella, the entire combination is a hit. It would be even better if the dough fritters could be fluffy inside, to soak up the delicious sauce it was coated in, but no complaints. This was a strong contender for the best dish of the night. The mocktail pairing of Lemongrass and Ginger complemented the dish to a T and added that extra lift to it overall. Its street-food presentation made it fun to eat too.

Spanish Iberico Pork with Bonito Flakes and Pumpkin Puree
The Spanish Iberico Pork with Bonito Flakes and Pumpkin Puree came paired with a red wine. The pork was bouncy, juicy and flavourful with every bite. Along with the subtle sweetness from a dash of apple sauce, this was one of my favourites for the night. We even had someone asking if he could have seconds.

Red Snapper with Foie Gras Mousse and Bacon, served on Banana Leaf
Created by Laffio's Chef De Cuisine, this Red Snapper with Foie Gras Mousse and Bacon had a grilled smokiness to it. The fish itself was firm to the bite and supple but the Foie Gras Mousse had a bitter aftertaste. Not sure if it should be there. The bacon was also just a little over-fried, such that it was a little hard to bite. However, the orange marmalade lent a fruitiness which contrasted nicely with the sharpness of the fish meat.

Popcorn Ice Cream
This Popcorn Ice Cream is actually vanilla ice cream topped with popping candy and a few popcorn bits. The popping candy created a racket "popping" in the mouth, making it pure fun to eat. The vanilla ice cream was rich with vanilla flavour and creamy to a right. This is hands down my favourite. Makes me wonder why no one has ever thought of it till now. I would gladly come back again for this repeatedly if this is permanently on the menu!

Chocolate Liquer Ball with Strawberry Mousse
The last item for the night, this Chocolate Liquer Ball took a little bit more effort to break into even using our metal spoon. Once broken, the liquer within flowed out gloriously. It was also presented creatively, making it convenient to drink from the edges of the diamond tip. One of the diners commented that it resembled drinking in ancient times, when goblets were shaped like this.

Good food aside, we were also entertained with short games during the event. Laffio delivers their motto with this pop up dining event that is pure good fun in food form. From what the owners say, there will be other themed events coming up as well within these few months. I will return to try the mainstays on their regular menu. Meanwhile though, could we have more of that Popcorn Ice Cream?