Cups N Canvas Cafe review - Brunch and Coffee in Artsiness at Selegie

Nestled along Prinsep Street, a little walk further down from Selegie Center is artsy cafe Cups n Canvas. The place is located within walking distance of SMU/SOTA/NAFA, which makes it a good place for students to relax for the afternoon. The cafe also has wifi and there are power points available, though limited. Prices here for the food are in the 10s range, while drinks are in the standard cafe range ($4-$7+).

The place has a section dedicated to art classes when it is ongoing and canvases adorn the cafe walls. Apart from the concept, the place is spacious and exudes a laidback vibe. The menu also offers a good variety of coffees and there are the western mains alongside an all-day breakfast menu (not available 12-2pm on weekdays).

Sweet Potato Latte ($4.80)
The purple sweet potato latte is one of the cafe's signatures. Milky, with sweet potato bits and a pretty purple colour, the drink is just the right sweetness. The sweet potato flavour is evident in a subtle manner, but personally, I found it a bit too milky. Full of sweet potato flavour, but also subdued because of the mild nature of the flavour. It is definitely worth a try though, especially for goguma lovers.

Latte and Mocha
The coffees here are on par with most other cafes' standards too.

Eggs Ben-Addict
We went with the Eggs Ben-Addict on Bagel for all-day breakfast. 1 yolk was done right, while the other was slightly overcooked. Nevertheless, this was up to par in flavour and the bagel had a sufficiently soft interior to mop up the yolk.

Grilled Fish with wedges and sauteed mushrooms
From the mains, the grilled fish served with crisp wedges and sauteed mushrooms was not bad. The accompanying sauce made it slightly more interesting. Though why there is that straight orange thing sticking out, I am not sure nor know what it is.

The staff are also friendly too. They greeted warmly on both occasions that I visited. This is one more of those cafes that is more than its hipster facade, with food that can match up to its hip factor. The same can hardly be said for a good lot of the newer joints that have sprouted up recently. Despite the competitive cafe scene, Cups n Canvas has withstood the test so far and rightly so. 

Cups N Canvas
139 Selegie Road 
Tues-Thurs: 10am-10pm; Fri: 10am to 11pm; Sat: 9am-11pm; Sun: 9am-8pm
Closed on Mondays
Tel: 6884-6855