Tim Ho Wan Supper Review - 24 Hours Dim Sum at Aperia (Kallang/Lavender)

With 4 outlets in Singapore thus far, Tim Ho Wan's latest addition is a 24-hour outlet at Aperia Mall. Locatted along Lavender Street,this outlet looks set to give fellow supper dim sum openings (think Swee Choon and 126) a run for their money. The only slight deterring factor would be the potential queues you have to face, depending on luck. We waited for 20 minutes at 10pm on a Tuesday.

The place is a cut above no-frills dim sum places, with a beautiful interior set within 3 walls of transparent glass edges and an air-conditioned setting. It is a good place for those looking for somewhere to have their supper in comfort, and prices are the same as its other outlets here. At $15-$20 per pax for a reasonably filling meal, it isn't expensive since you will hit this range too at the no-frills joints if you order slightly more.

Tim Ho Wan's Supper Menu (10pm-6am daily)
The supper menu though, is significantly less varied than the other supper places. Quite a few things are excluded for the supper menu. For one, they do not have the steamed pork ribs with black bean sauce nor the Pig Liver Chee Cheong Fun, but you will not be lacking in things to order if you are willing to try what they have. 

Everyone knows the 4 Heavenly Kings of THW. For the uninitiated, they are 1. Baked Char Siu Buns, 2. Steamed Egg Cake (Ma Lai Gao), 3. Pan-fried Carrot Cake, 4. Vermicelli Roll (Chee Cheong Fun) with Pig's Liver. 

Baked BBQ Pork Buns (Char Siu Bao)
Baked BBQ Pork Buns - $5 for 3
Every table gets these Baked BBQ Pork Buns. 1. Because they are Michelin-starred. 2. They are really good, if not fantastic. Even for the most stringent Char Siu Bao judges, these will more than cut the above-average mark. The buttery, crumbly exterior leading to the savoury-sweet filling within is a joy to bite into. I am also glad that the filling is no longer the shocking red and syrupy sweet it was as I remember it to be, when THW first opened at Plaza Singapura.

Pan-fried Turnip Cake (or carrot cake as we know it)
Pan-fried Carrot Cake ($4.80)
Another 'heavenly king', this lived up to its name. The fine texture is soft yet supple, and every bite is flavourful. Presumably the tiny pieces of cured sausage mixed into it (lap cheong) helped. 

Steamed Egg Cake (Ma Lai Gao)
Hong Kong Style Boat Congee ($6), Steamed Egg Cake (Ma Lai Gao) - $3.80
The Ma Lai Gao also comes highly recommended for those who like a soft, spongey cake. It is eggy and yet maintains the brown sugar fragrance. The cake springs back when pressed into slightly - an indication of its 'bounciness'. 

Har Gao ($6), Siu Mai ($5.50)
Other dishes ordered included the Har Gao (Steamed Shrimp Dumplings), Hong Kong Style Boat Congee, Fried Beancurd Skin Roll with Shrimp and Siu Mai. While the first 2 were more than decent with succulent prawns, the siu mai came off a little funny. Perhaps it was because the meaty interior had a somewhat pork-ish smell to it. The others also commented that the texture seemed more like eating a meatball.

Fried Beancurd Skin Rolls with Shrimp  ($6)

Osmanthus Rose Jelly
Osmanthus Rose Jelly ($3.50) 
Dessert was the ornately beautiful osmanthus rose jelly. Lightly-perfumed osmanthus fragrance encased within a golden agar with some red dates - this light touch was a good addition to finish off the meal with without feeling too heavy.      

For those who are around the area in the morning, Tim Ho Wan at Aperia has special breakfast sets. For $3.80, you can get 2 Baked BBQ Pork Buns (Char Siu Bao)/Century Egg Lean Pork Congee/Fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese Tea (more in the picture below), which is really great value. It's too bad they are out of the way for me.

Tim Ho Wan (Aperia) Breakfast Special Promotion
An additional note though, if you wish to take away, the restaurant still charges 10% gst and 7% service charge on the item(s) you are packing.

Final word: The menu items tried are all at least above-average in taste. Tried and tasted, Tim Ho Wan is definitely a place to really consider for dim sum, even more so late night. Now, wouldn't it be great if they come up with salted egg custard lava buns?

Tim Ho Wan (24 Hrs)
#01-01/02/03Aperia Mall
12 Kallang Ave, S339511
Tel: 6684 2000
Breakfast Menu – Mon to Sat, 6am-10am
Normal Menu – Mon to Sat, 10am-10pm / Sun and PH, 6am-10pm
Supper Menu – Daily, 10pm-6am



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