Creamier - Sweet Treat In The Heat

Located a 10 minutes walk from Braddell MRT, Creamier is known for its homemade ice-cream and crisp, fluffy waffles. The mostly good reviews I have read got it on my checklist, and so I found myself there on a Sunday afternoon, as part of a teabreak-catchup place with my secondary school friends. Boy, was it crowded - a testament to its popularity.

The queue for placing orders at the counter stretched to outside the door at one point. Inside, the cafe was pretty cramped with tables placed in 3 rows and seats a little too small. There's the pressure to not take up seats too long for an extended chat because of people waiting around for seats.

The place does serve other light bites and some cakes as well, but one thing you have to get is the waffles here. We wanted to pick the tantalising Thai Milk Tea ice cream, but it turned out a little bit too sweet for our liking when we sampled it. Instead, we picked the place's signature Earl Grey Lavender ice cream and Rum and Raisin. Do sample the ice cream first before you make your choices. 

After placing your orders at the counter (where you get to sample the ice-cream too), you are given this paper cup with a number within. Do NOT fill it up with water as it is your order number. 

Earl Grey Lavender and Sea Salt Gula Melaka Ice Cream with Waffles ($$11) 
My friend's pick. The sea-salt gula melaka is definitely for those who like a savory-sweet ice cream, instead of the usual salted caramel.

Rum and Raisin and Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream with waffles ($11)
Our pick. The Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream was pleasant and not too sweet; a distinct Earl Grey flavor coupled with a flowery aftertaste that is the lavender. The Rum and Raisin here is a good rendition too, creamy with enough alcoholic flavor from the rum, yet not overpowering. Not the most photogenic picks for ice cream, but our choices went well together.

The waffles were sturdy crisp (but not hard) on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It mopped up the ice cream beautifully. Do cut a plain edge and try having it with just the maple syrup. This waffle didn't disappoint at all; perhaps one of the best ones I have tasted around. 

So how do you begin eating waffles with ice cream stacked high like that? Here's how, deconstructed.

1. Take the top waffle with the ice cream and put it next to the the bottom waffle. Then spread the ball of ice cream as you would butter bread. There. An equal amount of ice-cream and waffle in every mouthful.

Perhaps not the best place for a relaxing catch up with friends, since it can get really crowded and the space between tables is pretty cramped. Food-wise, we finished everything, so it looks like this is one place that has got its waffles and ice cream recipe right. We will definitely be back to try the other flavors of ice cream it has got available - sans crowd. 

#01-835, 128 Toa Payoh Lorong 1 S310128
Closed on Mondays