Peperoni Pizzeria

There are a few pizzerias in Singapore that have tried to differentiate themselves in concept and pizza styles and Peperoni Pizzeria is one of them. Another concept by the Les Amis Group which has also brought you the popular Nam Nam Noodle Bar, its distinctive brown-hued warm interior and classic Pizza parlour design is eye-catching as far as pizzerias go. The place is what I imagine an American pizza parlour would look like.

The menu runs the range from entrees, pastas and mains such as risotto and wood-fired pizzas. We ordered the potato wedges as appetisers and they came piping hot and done the way wedges should be. A good start.
Ice Lemon Tea and Green Tea ($15/jug). Potato Wedges ($8)
All pizzas served here are thin-crust, but the Family size 21-inch pizzas are the ones truly worth going for. These pizzas - the width of the pizzeria's table and the length of 2 people, are visually stunning when served up in front of your eyes. If you happen to come with a large group (>4),do not think about ordering multiple small pizzas for the different flavors. Just order this Family sized pizza even if only 2 kinds of pizzas are allowed to be mixed because it isn't everyday that you get to see and eat from a ginormous pizza like this, which is actually quite fun. 

Napoletana - Oregano, anchovies, capers, black olives & minced garlic and Prosciutto Crudo di Parma - Parma ham & rocket salad ($50)
The cheese on the pizza isn't as stringy as Pizza Hut's (their pizzas' cheese are the stringiest I have had by far) but it is still pretty good. The thin crust was crispy and the texture resembled that of a cracker. I enjoyed the pizzas, though perhaps the anchovies and olives combination in the Napoletana were a little too salty for our taste. The Parma ham and rocket made a very good combination - salty but balanced by the peppery and pungent flavour from the rocket. 

Peperoni Pizzeria is a safe and pretty good alternative to your usual pizza joint. The thin crust is also a plus point for those who don't fancy carb-heavy meals. It is pretty ideal for big groups and the novelty of eating from the family size pizza (which might just be the largest pizza you can find available in Singapore commercially) just adds to the fun experience. Prices are on par with usual pizza places, so why not?

Peperoni Pizzeria (Suntec City)
#B1-30 Suntec City
3 Temasek Blvd
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