Craft Bakery & Cafe - Holland V

Craft Bakery & Cafe is run by the people behind 3 Inch Sin, a bakery-cafe more known for their molten lava cakes. Unsurprisingly, the same molten lava cakes can be found here in an assortment of variations. The place is fairly bright and spacious, with both indoors seating and an al fresco area. 

We dropped in for brunch, after passing over Park@Holland V on the other side, for the more-affordable prices at Craft. There is the usual array of all-day breakfast items, sandwiches, mains and coffees.

Bacon Mac And Cheese ($13.80)
Deceivingly small in portion, this is actually really filling since it was filled to the brim with macaroni. What we especially liked was the generous gooey-cheesey cheese that enveloped the macaroni entirely and generously. The macaroni was a little overcooked though and so a little too chewy. Still, this was tastily sinful, though it gets a bit cloying towards the end.

The "Very Very Thick" Toast ($7.90)
The name is the dish itself. Definitely very thick, and full of the buttery fragrance too. It is supposed to come with a poached egg, but because I was feeling in the mood for scrambled eggs, I had it switched to this. I should have probably just stuck with the poached egg. The thick toast bed would have mopped up the liquid yolk beautifully. I like my scrambled eggs slightly runny, so it would be better if this was so, especially with the thick toast. Taste-wise, this came together nicely, though slightly dry (I really should have left the poached egg alone). This dish isn't difficult technically, and so it's really hard to go wrong. A safe choice.

Mushroom Bacon Cheese Sandwich ($12.30)
The bread was toasty and according to my friend who ordered this, this was not bad. Well, how can you go wrong with mushroom, bacon and cheese? This combination is classic and happily, I guess Craft didn't let down in the execution of this one.

Hazelnut Molten Lava Cake ($9)
The namesake of Craft: Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. They have several kinds of chocolate lava cake available and we settled for the Hazelnut version. I am not sure if this is so for all their lava cakes but this was  deathly sweet. So, so sweet that this is probably the sweetest chocolate lava cake I have eaten and the first one I did not finish. The accompanying vanilla bean ice cream was of a very good quality - you could really taste the rich fragrant flavour of the vanilla bean. It would have complemented the lava cake well if not for the fact that the cake was so sweet to begin with. Plus, the 'molten lava' did not flow as smoothly as we would have liked. It wasn't the smooth, liquid flow we were expecting, but more of the mushy, thick kind of flow when we cut it open. Just too sweet really that it overkilled. If you have to order this, share. 

Craft is definitely on par, if not slightly cheaper than its competitors in terms of prices, especially for its all-day breakfast items. Mains were generally all good, though not spectacular. If you are looking for something decent, easy on the pocket and a good place to catch-up or while away the afternoon, this would be the place to go in Holland V. Please though, let me know if their molten lava cakes are not deathly sweet anymore.