Montana Singapore Review [Updated from Montana Brew Bar Review] - Media Invite

Montana Singapore changes up its menu every so frequently, and the items more than make the cut from previous tries. This time round, it's no different. 

It has been nearly 1.5 years since my last visit, and it is now a single-level outfit housed on the second floor of PoMo.  The place still has the same relaxed vibes, though the dark-coloured interiors make it a little less bright than the usual warm hues of other cafes. It is still a good place whether for groups or couples, since the place is fairly spacious and comfortable for extended chats. 

The menu still retains its mainstays of waffles, pastas and burgers.  All-day brunch items such as eggs benedict are also available. Still, there has been some change in the variety - updates below.  

Samyang Carbonara ($16.80) 
So apparently, there has been a wave going on for the Korean spicy instant noodles Samyang. They have released a carbonara flavour recently for a limited time. 

Montana has ingeniously turned this into carbonara pasta, with different levels of spiciness (1-5). Our self-professed spiciness-pros group wanted to try both ends of the spectrum. We went with Levels 2 and 4 in the end (which turned out to be a very wise idea in hindsight). 

The menu warns you to order a glass of milk if you order level 5. I think you will need that at 4 already though. 

When it was first served, the smell that emanated was a little pungent. One bite into the level 2 pasta after, we didn't look back. The pasta is al dente and the right balance between the nice savouriness of bacon, mushrooms and creaminess with a good kick of heat. Not sure what is in the spice mix that makes it so flavourful but in short, we couldn't stop. 

Level 2 was the just-nice level it turned out. The spiciness was acceptable for my tolerance (considered higher-than-average). Level 4 basically saw everyone give up after two bites, because the spiciness bites and all you can taste is the spiciness. It is the sort where you start sweating after more than a few bites and the 'natural lipstick' lips come out. No joke when they say it packs heat. 

I was the only 'valiant' warrior left working at it slowly, but that is only because it was so delicious that I wanted more, but level 2 had been long wiped out. 

No.of Tiaras: 5 

Savoury Waffles

For all those who have specific preferences on how the waffles are done, you can request if you like it softer or crispier, though subject to how packed the place is. The standard Montana waffle, across all its sweet and savoury offerings, is one with a sturdy exterior, though it does not go as far as crispy(or crackles when cut into). It yields into a soft interior (though too soft at times that some may think it comes across as a little soggy).  

Nasi Lemak Waffles ($15.80)

Every time I hear nasi lemak-something, I get all excited because it means 1) crispy fried chicken and 2) coconut fragrance with sambal chilli. 

It is an irresistible combination when done right. Montana's take on it had all the combinations integrated - from the crispy yet still juicy fried chicken thigh meat, to the sambal chilli, fried egg and accompanying otah mousse. The surprise was the bits of nasi lemak rice within the waffles itself.

Well-executed, and nothing less expected of course, coming from Montana. If you like nasi lemak or the McDonalds' nasi lemak burger, this will more than satisfy. 

Mac and Cheese Waffles ($13.80)

Kimchi Seafood Waffles ($15.80)

Between the two, our preference was for the mainstay favourite still of Mac and Cheese WafflesThe truffle aroma was tantalising and the waffles have macaroni pieces within, incorporating the savouriness of cheese. It paired very well with the appetite-inducing jalapeno and curried tomato relish.

Heard this was what started the waffles focus here, because it was so well-received. No wonder.

The Kimchi and Seafood Waffles did not fare bad as well if you want something different. Interestingly, it had bits of seafood - octopus and prawns within the waffle itself. 

No.of Tiaras: 4.5 (Mac & Cheese) / 3.8 (Kimchi & Seafood) 

Sweet Waffles

The place also has a selection of dessert waffles. 

Matcha Waffles ($14.30)
Matcha Waffles ($14.50)

Milo Churros Waffles ($14.50)
*Tasted on a 2nd separate visit (non-tasting)

The matcha waffles come with red bean, vanilla ice cream and matcha marshmallows that were so soft that it was almost like mochi. 

The milo churros waffles was another dessert waffle which I tried separately on a return visit.  This one tasted more of the chocolate than the churros part of it. The interior of the waffle also ran into the earlier-mentioned situation of being a little wet. Between the two, the former fared better. 

No.of Tiaras: 3.8 (Matcha) / 3 (Milo Churros)

Earl Grey Lemonade

The earl grey lemonade ($6.50) was a great choice, particularly to douse the fire from the Samyang Carbonara pasta. Loved the distinct earl grey floral notes with the refreshing sourness of the lemon.  

*Existing items from 1st tasting

Peking Chicken Confit with Waffles ($16.50) 

Instead of Peking duck, the twist here is the chicken, which is sous vide in oil and roasted. The result is an outside that is crisp and flavourful with the 5-spice aroma, while the inside is tender shreds that are still very moist. 

The sides are waffles and a plum sauce that has elements of ginger inside. I wasn't expecting it to work, but the sweet-savoury combination did and very well so. This was top on my favourites here and definitely is something to go for. 

No.of Tiaras: 4.5

Miso Brown Butter Linguine (Existing item from 1st tasting)

Creamy like carbonara. If you are ready for savoury comfort, this is it - one of those comforting pasta dishes that's creamy and full of umami. Good choice for vegetarians as this is meatless, if you don't mind the egg. 

No.of Tiaras: 4

Crab Burger with Yuzu Coleslaw

The crab burger has a crab-seafood patty cake sandwiched between two toasted buns. The patty had a pan-fried to crisp exterior. The addictive element here is the thick cut fries, which remained crispy even after half an hour of photo taking. 

The patty itself was a seasoned mix of crab and seafood. Not bad, though the taste didn't work as much for me. If i had to pick, I would keep it to a pure crab cake. 

No.of Tiaras: 4 

Smoky Nutella and Coffee Kaya Coconut Freak Cakes ($14.80) 

The presentation of these cakes are a marvel. 

The coffee kaya coconut freakcake is decked out in childhood goodies that bring back nostalgia (colourful gem cookies anyone?). 

Both were so pretty that I felt excited to have it just by looking at it. Between the 2, the Nutella was the preferred one as the coffee kaya was overly sweet for our palates. The layer of sponge cake is thicker for the Nutella than the coffee kaya, which meant it was more moist. 

No.of Tiaras: 4 (Nutella) / 3.5 (Coffee and Kaya)

Regular Coconut Cold Brew ($6.80)

The coconut cold brew came in a very scientific looking setup of conical flask with an ice ball within a separate glass. After pouring into the glass, you have a light brew that has the slight sweetness and aroma of coconut. 

It almost felt like I was having a darker version of coconut water, tinted with a hint of coffee. This can be a boon/bane, depending on your preference. This was enjoyable for me. 

No.of Tiaras: 4

Overall, this is a place with quality food to match reasonable price points. It is great for groups too as they have plenty of tables. 

Many thanks to Ying and her team for the invite.

Montana Singapore
PoMo, 1 Selegie Road, S188306
Opens daily from 11am - 10pm (Mon-Thurs)/11pm (Fri), 9am-11pm (Sat) and 9am - 9.30pm (Sun)
Phone:  6334 3137