The Quarters at Icon Village Review - [Media Invite]

The Quarters is located within the extension of Icon Village, between the Cold Storage Supermarket and Matchaya. Once you enter from the main entrance, look for Shi Li Fang (steamboat), turn in and follow the path where you will find the extension. The location is noticeably quieter than the main 'street' in Icon Village, so the ambience is still great for catch ups even if the setting is relatively open.

By the same owner behind Kush at Timbre+, food at The Quarters is relatively from its hawker-centre sibling. You will find brunch items, alongside "mod-sin" burgers and pastas, which are the owner's take on dishes infused with familiar Singaporean elements/ingredients.

The Quarters Menu

Shiok Fries ($14)

These are twice-fried shoestrings that are crisp-crunchy on the exterior, doused with salted egg yolk sauce on one half and chilli crab sauce and crab shavings on the other. I tried the chilli crab sauce and thought that it was delicious. Then I took a fry with the salted egg yolk sauce, and my eyes lit up even more. The salted egg yolk sauce has enough salted egg yolk flavour concentrated without being overpowering. Just nice, though it might not be for those who doesn't have an Asian palate as they may feel the sauce is too 'pungent'.  

It didn't look extraordinary, but you can't judge. It was one mean bowl of fries. We started on one and couldn't stop. Now it's among the best fries on my list and got me raving. At $14 a bowl, it is steep for the portion. However when you consider the crab meat and how good this it, I may just shell out for it. 

No. of Forks: 4.5

The Real McCoy ($16)

This is a fried chicken burger topped with that same, housemade savoury salted egg yolk sauce.  The chicken thigh patty apparently marinated for 24 hours in buttermilk before being crusted in an oatmeal batter for frying. It reminded me of McDonalds McSpicy, without the spiciness, and that was what the owner intended to achieve too(a McDonalds burger but upped 5 notches). If I had to be real picky, my gripe would be that the chicken meat itself lacked that natural sweetness on its own without the batter aid. 

This comes with a side of that amazing double-fried fries, so go for it. Finish every drop of that salted egg sauce. 

No. of Forks: 4.5

Har Jeong Gai (Prawn Paste Chicken Bites) 

The only miss of the night: this was too very salty, perhaps from the overdose of shrimp paste marinade. In addition, we expected it to be chicken wings, instead of the little pieces of chicken chunks. Otherwise, the texture was alright and this has good potential. It comes with pretty fiery homemade sambas chilli. 

No. of Forks: 2

Satay Burger ($18)
Just the presentation of this dish got us eye-dazzled: the casual sprinkling of peanuts with a nicely-arranged pile of cucumbers, alfafa and onions and a mini steel-pitcher of peanut sauce - beside a palm-sized burger made of two discs of flat, slightly charred rice 'bun' sandwiching a satay patty. Another mod-sin take. 

To enjoy , take off the top rice bun and drizzle all the peanut sauce atop before replacing it back. Once again, well done because the flavours of satay really showed through in this burger. The rice patty may be a bit too chewy within for some, but it was alright for me, and I especially enjoyed the crisp charred exterior. 

No. of Forks: 4

Dessert - Wonderffle ($12.80) and Teh Halia Creme Brulee 

The Teh Halia Brulee had a nice caramelised layer atop that cracked with a 'chink'. The ginger flavour is distinct. Not bad, especially if you are a Teh Halia fan. 

No. of Forks: 4

What made this stand out was the jutting edges of the Belgian waffles, instead of the usual round/square and the lemongrass ice cream. I'd prefer the waffles with more buttermilk fragrance. Still, the point of this is the exquisite ice cream that had enough floral oomph from the lemongrass. 

No. of Forks: 4.5

Overall, portions here seem a little on the small side given the price. I will still shell out though (especially for the fries omg) since the quality is here and you can't get these dishes easily somewhere else. They don't charge gst too. The owner's zest for mod-sin definitely shows through in the successful creations. 

The new items: The Real McCoy and the Shiok Fries are launched from 30 June at both The Quarters and their sibling outlet Kush@Timbre+. For a limited time too, they have all day 1-for-1 on 3 mains: chilli crab pasta, fish and chips and the satay burger. Catch their grub soon at the Singapore Night Festival, where they will have a stall set up. 

The Quarters
Icon Village
16 Enggor Street S079717
Open weekdays 8am-10pm; Sat 10am-10pm; Sun 10am-6pm
Tel: 6834 4174

Many thanks to The Quarters for the invite.