Chopsuey Cafe Review: In Dempsey

Chopsuey cafe, located in the cluster of Dempsey, is set in a chi-chi setting. This is the first foray of the P.S. Cafe management into Asian food. You will find that the menu here contains some western influences - brunch items are available, alongside dim sum and Chinese favourites such as fried rice. 

They have a no picture(actually more like no-big-camera, which is weird) policy, so we had to do with our camera phones. 

The classic setting reflects in the prices and service here is attentive. They took the initiative to provide plates for sharing for our group and changed it as well when we had dessert. 

Prawn Toastie ($16)

We started off with the appetizer - prawn toastie. This is minced prawn wrapped in a base of whitemeal bread and deep fried before being coated with sesame seeds on top. It looked like Ngoh Hiang (Chinese meat roll) but crispier and with prawns. I have never tried this before, but it is apparently common especially in western countries as an 'Asian' and dim sum offering. Not bad.

No. of Forks: 5

Crispy Duck Pow Pockets ($17)

For the other appetizer, we took the crispy duck pow. Think Kong Bak Bao (Chinese braised pork belly bun)but with smoked duck and cucumber and carrot sticks, topped crispy cracker pieces.  It came with a savoury sauce - don't drizzle too much though as it tends to quite salty. This made the mark. 

No. of Forks: 4

Mud Crab Fried Rice ($22)

My favourite dish had to be the Mud Crab fried rice. It is a blend of textures from the mix of white, brown and red rice used with strong 'wok hei' infused with flavours of the egg and crab. I like my fried rice in whole, separate grains and this was it. Excellently executed, and surprising standards here. 

No. of Forks: 5

Dessert - Ginger Tea Brulee ($14) and Lychee Granita ($15) 

For dessert, we picked the Lychee Granita and Ginger tea brulee. The Lychee Granita comes with passionfruit bits, mango and lychee boba balls which pop in the mouth and passionfruit puree. This was refreshing and fun to eat, but not the best value for money. 

No. of Forks: 4

No. of Forks: 4

The Ginger tea brulee was a generous portion with a caramelised top that cracked nicely with a chink, This is great for those into 'teh halia'. The brulee itself was more on the creamy thick side than light. 

Chopsuey is one of those places with a relaxing ambience that makes it great for a weekend catch-up with bright, comfortable, slightly pampering mood. It should be good for the older generation, with its take on traditional dishes, and also at the same time, the dishes featuring new spins will interest the younger generation.  

Chopsuey Cafe
10 Dempsey Road
Singapore 247700
Weekdays 11.30am-11pm; weekends 10.30am