The Lab SG Review - Halal cafe in Bugis

Cafe-goers familiar with the Bugis area will know of this name. The Lab has been around for a few years now and is one of the few that is halal, with a considerably extensive range of 'hip' cafe fare. These includes burgers, all day breakfast, milkshakes and other appetizers. Explains why it's still popular even though it's a while since it opened.

The Lab Menu 

Baked Pretzel 

We were thinking between the wings or this, but decided to go with the waiter's recommendation. It comes with a choice of one dip (salted caramel or chocolate - extra dip at $0.50.) The salted caramel was essentially caramel sauce, with salt sprinkled on top. We didn't notice that, so our first dip-in came up really really salty. Not really salted caramel I guess, but caramel with salt. The pretzel itself smelled divine, but ended up being too much dough (and dense) for us to take, even if split between 2. Perhaps for breakfast to share.  Don't get it with another burger, like we did. 

No. of Forks: 3

The Heisenburger is made up of turkey bacon, blue cheese aioli, caramelised onions, mesclun salad and a 6oz beef batty. 

The burger looked stunning in presentation, but wasn't as impressive in the mouth sadly. The patty while thick, was slightly dry. The buns weren't the toasted kind and crumbly inside though puffy, so it felt like a mouthful of (too much) white crumbly bread. Maybe because the plain bland bun pulled it down, but this didn't live up. 

No. of Forks: 2.5

Nutella Milkshake

I fell in love when I saw this. This milkshake Is all things decadent and finally a thing that didn't disappoint. Chocolatey, Nutella-ey and chock full with crunchy Pocky and Tim tams. Don't think about the indulgence and just have it - to share. 

This is very filling, and may be a little too sweet for some. I really liked the milkshake thickness and the crunchiness added to the whole experience.

No. of Forks: 4

The Lab has eye-dazzling presentations here for food, but for a second visit to be warranted other than for the milkshake, the textures and flavours for the burger in particular has to be better. There are many things to try on the menu, so perhaps the other mains would fare better.

The Lab
1 Jalan Pisang, S199069
Nearest MRT: Bugis
Open Mon-Sat, 12pm-9.15pm; Sun 1pm-8.45pm