23 Jumpin Cafe at Tai Seng - Review

Tai Seng isn't exactly a hot spot that comes first to mind for cafehopping, but don't overlook the small little cluster of them at the first floor of The Commerze. Coming out of exit A of Tai Seng station, go behind and you will reach within 3 minutes of walking. 23 Jumpin was relatively empty when we reached at 11.30 on a Saturday morning. It is a small place that seats about 20-25 and the quiet locale is perfect for a catchup between 2-4 people. 

23 Jumpin Menu

23 Jumpin Menu - Mains

The menu is varied enough for a small cafe - brunch, western mains and coffee. 
23 Jumpin Menu - Brunch


Both cups of coffees looked very pretty with coffee art. The skills of their in-house barista is definitely on mark. My order of flat white came in this pristine greyish-blue cup. The microfoam didn't reveal small bubbles (as badly prepared milk froth results) and stayed a complete layer. The coffee wasn't acidic and balanced with a hint of sweetness from the milk. This is my kind of good coffee. 
Flat White ($4.50), Mocha ($5)
On the other hand though, the mocha seemed a bit diluted. Neither the espresso taste nor chocolate came across evidently. 

Paprika Wings

For $8 and between two people, this is reasonable. Expensive otherwise, but these wings are worth it. 

Paprika Wings ($8)
The skin is fried to a crisp texture and coated with a honey glaze and smoky paprika. Some reviews have said this is comparable to Lola's, 

If Lola's better than this, I will have to try it. This combination worked like magic. It's not the usual flavours, but so delicious. The interior remained moist. I especially liked the taste of the honey used. It had that honey aroma without being noxiously sweet. Must order. 

No. of Forks: 4.5

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict ($14)
They presented our mains in pretty, huge white plates that made it a feast for the eyes. The hollandaise sauce was velvety thick, but it was slightly sour. One egg was burst when it came, which was a pity. Otherwise, the dish came together well enough to pass.

No. of Forks: 4

Duck Confit 

Duck Confit ($16)
This was part of the $19.80 combo which gave you four choices of mains - duck confit, all day breakfast, bacon and honey ham pasta, beef burger. The combo comes with a mushroom soup that was surprisingly full of mushroom flavour and any drink of your choice. 

While the duck confit isn't the most authentic french one, it was reasonably tasty and not as salty as the usual confits. The brown sauce was reminiscent of stewed beef sauce because of its richness and flavour, while the citrus sauce gave the dish a sweet side. 

No. of Forks: 3.5

23 Jumpin is a great spot for that chill brunch/coffee over the weekends, especially if you are looking for somewhere away from the crowds. We spent $22 per person with each having a main and drink plus an appetiser to share, which isn't cheap, but they are standard for cafes here. Moreover, unlike some other cafes I have been, I was really happy with the coffee and food. The mains are at least up to mark, and the paprika wings were superb. One of the few cafes where I couldn't find anything to pick at for my orders. 

23 Jumpin
The Commerze
#01-25, 1 Irving Place Singapore 369546
Open Tues-Fri 11.30am-9pm; Weekends 11am-9pm