Old Hen Coffee Bar [Rangoon Road] - Small cafe, big on coffee

Set along the somewhat sleepy streets of Rangoon Road, Old Hen Coffee Bar is an accessible 5 minutes walk from Farrer Park MRT(exit B). This simple coffee and food venture is set up by three brothers. It is a quaint little space that seats about 20, including 5 by the raised counter overlooking the window.

Given the space constraints, it is more conducive for meetups in small numbers.

On the weekday afternoon we visited, the cafe was quiet with ony a few other customers around, making it perfect for an afternoon escape away from the hustle and bustle. There aren't many items on the menu. Brunch choices include a burrito, sandwiches and toast.

The cold-brew is a touted specialty here, brewed using Oriole coffee beans. They used to have the black cold brew on the menu, but it was cancelled out, leaving only the white available. $6.50 for a glass bottle.

The verdict? Impressive. A well-balanced aromatic brew that wasn't acidic and just the right milkiness. Pure coffee-licious. Just this is worth the trip, especially for coffee enthusiasts.
Old Hen White Cold Brew ($6.50)
Homemade Waffles
Homemade Waffles ($9) with apple compote, salted caramel sauce and greek yogurt.
Old Hen's Homemade Waffles are for those who like their waffles airy light. Eating it down felt almost like I only had the surface of it, because that was how airy the inside was. It threw me off initially because I am used to my denser waffles from the likes of Creamier.  It would be even better if paired with a scoop of ice cream, but the greek yogurt comes close enough. Healthier too. This was more sour than sweet on taste, because of the combined greek yogurt and compote.

Affordable nett prices here, compared to most other cafes and coupled with a nice ambience. It'd be worth a visit, even just for the coffee. There's free wifi as well. Did I mention that the other table's mains looked and smelled pretty good too? 

Old Hen Coffee Bar
#01-03, 88 Rangoon Road, S218374.
Open Mon, Wed-Fri 12pm-10pm; Weekends 10am-10pm
Closed on Tuesdays.
Phone: 6341-5458