Good Food Heals Review : Good-for-you-concept Bentos in the CBD

With the recent wave of salads giving way to a rise in healthy eating, GoodFoodHeals catches right on the conscious-eating hype in the CBD. The place sells bento sets which, apart from containing healthy, wholesome ingredients like quinoa, also incorporate their homemade, high-probiotic cultured 'superfoods'. 

The nearest MRT station would be Raffles Place. Take exit G to UOB plaza, walk straight past UOB Plaza and straight ahead. After crossing a carpark exit, North Canal Road will come into view. The shop, which takes the first floor space while a dance studio takes the second floor, is just further down along the road, among the stretch of other eateries.

Behind this shop is an inspiring story of strength. The lady owner used to suffer from an obsessive compulsive eating disorder that resulted in her being unhealthily thin. However, she eventually fought back slowly with the help of her own healthy meal creations.These enabled her to eat normally again without the negative feelings of guilt and fear. I should think a significant number of us can relate. Whoever hasn't had a body image complex at one point or another? Her belief in treating her body right shows through the bentos. They are appealing to the eye; colourful, healthy yet also tasty.  

The cultured 'superfoods' are made from the owner's own recipes, and come in 5 variations: Plum Citrus Tomato, Golden Creamy Cabbage, Beetroot Apple Slaw, Guava Pineapple Relish and Spicy Kimchi.  These jars are all pretty tasty, since well, the sweet-sourness of cultured foods is always appetite-whetting. My favourite would be the citrusy sweet-sour plum tomatoes, apparently all peeled by hand before culturing. Each one is juicy and the natural sweetness of the plum tomato is evident. Good as a snack or a complement to a healthy meal/salad. The creamy cabbage would be my 2nd choice, tasting somewhat like a non-spicy version of kimchi. They do have their own Spicy Kimchi cultured vegetables, but don't expect it to be anywhere like korean kimchi though. 

Jar of Citrus Plum Tomatoes ($14.90)
These jars can be kept refrigerated for about a month.

I visited on three separate occasions for their bentos.

Seoul Detox ($8.90)
For the Seoul Detox bento, the sweet potato noodles (same noodles as Japchae) were too hard to swallow, perhaps from undercooking. It was also surprising to find that nearly 30% of the bento was made up of iceberg lettuce. Later I found out that it was intentionally done like that so people could have more greens  (but I wonder if they know that iceberg lettuce is comprised majority of water with no nutritional benefits apart from some fibre). Even with the housemade Korean Sesame dressing, the entire thing could use a little bit more flavour.

Frit(Woman) ($8.90)
Frit (Woman) - ($8.90)
On the 2nd occasion, I picked up the Frit (Woman). It featured a frittata, along with my first taste of the cultured tomatoes (only 3 pcs given per bento) on a quinoa base. The bento is touted to be high in protein - good for the muscles. 

If you want more of the cultured superfood, they offer 'shots' selling at $1.50 at the counter to add to your bento. The Frit(Woman) was much better. The creamy sesame dressing worked well to give it a better flavour as well.
Mexi-Loco ($9.90): Arroz verde [fragrant mexican green rice with a blend of spinach, cilantro, onion and garlic] ,smoked salmon, sesame spinach, cultured beet apple slaw, cultured guava pineapple relish,  chopped lettuce
The Mexi-Loco is my pick out of all the bentos tried. The mexican green rice had a nice coconutty aroma to it, as it was cooked with coconut oil. With the smoked salmon and creamy sesame dressing again, this was every bit scrumptious - even the lettuce.

Apart from bentos and cultured superfoods, there are also breakfast items such as overnight oats and housemade juices/milks.

The concept of GFH does make healthy eating a delicious, easy and healthy affair, though prices are a little steep ranging from $8.90 to $10.90 for a bento. The portions are just right for ladies, which means it may not be very filling for men. I will be back to try the Tokyo Teri bento, which is the most popular there. You can also top up $1 to your bento to add a tamago (Japanese semi-runny yolk) egg. If you are too busy to step out of office, they also offer delivery within the CBD area for online orders.

Good Food Heals
10 North Canal Road, S048823
Opening Hours: Weekdays 10am-6.30pm; Saturdays 12.30pm-4.30pm.
Closed Sundays