The Daily Press Cafe Toa Payoh Review [Updated] - Specialty Pressed Sandwiches

A good sandwich is an art in itself and comfort food, so I am always up for any cafes that do good ones. The Daily Press is located in the hipper-by-the-day Toa Payoh heartland stretch, which counts cafes such as Niche Boulangerie and Creamier among it. 

The nearest train station is Braddell. After taking the the left exit once you go past the station barriers, you should be at the stretch of road opposite McDonald's. It is a 10 minutes walk  against the flow of traffic along the road. Note that it isn't adjacent to Creamier, but rather located further in among the blocks, directly facing the open car park. Keep walking straight down from Creamier, past Niche and you will reach it in 3 mins. Google Maps if lost. 

It is a standard cafe with a relaxed setting. The menu struck me as costlier than most cafes though; sandwiches range from $10(meatless) to $15 and coffees from $4.50 onwards. The server explained that the high cost is due to their outsourcing of ingredients, such as their ciabatta bread from The Bread Table in Serangoon.
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They do offer a small selection of cakes, but these are pretty hefty at $7.90 a slice.

Korean 'Fried Chicken Sandwich
We picked the most popular one, the Korean 'Fried' Chicken sandwich. Interestingly, the chicken isn't fried like the name suggests. Rather, it is coated in panko crumbs and baked to resemble the texture of fried chicken.
Our eyes lit up on the very first bite. The chicken was flavourfully marinated and the crunchy kimchi that was sandwiched with it was delicious. Just the right balance of slight spiciness and sour. The accompanying salad that was dressed in a house-made honey mustard dressing was delectable too. Apparently, the ciabatta bread underwent the sandwich press, which enhanced the bread fragrance. This is sole reason to return already. 

Which I did. The very next day.

ABC Sandwich

On my 2nd visit, i tried the ABC sandwich which was sold out previously. Consisting of Apple, bacon and cheddar, it makes for a good brunch item that is pretty wholesome. The apple slices gave it an extra crunch. Good too, but the KFC sandwich overshadows it.

[Updated] Babi Pongteh Sandwich
Babi Pongteh Sandwich ($12)
As part of my after-exams to-eats, we went back again for the 3rd time because I still wanted to try the Babi Pongteh Sandwich. Babi Pongteh is a classic nyonya dish, described as braised pork with fermented beans. The result is melt-in-your-mouth meat in a dark dark sauce that goes superb with rice. Combined into a sandwich here, the Daily Press' version contains thick slices of pork belly (yes all layers of fat included) with a brown gravy that is not too strong in flavour to overwhelm. The pork belly meat isn't so tender, retaining a chewiness which I think was good with the crunchy veggie mix of cucumbers and carrots. This nearly stole the top spot from the Korean Fried Chicken sandwich. Less for those who aren't into sinful food, since you must eat the fat from the pork belly to savour the entire yumminess of the sandwich.

Flat White ($5)
Coffee here is usually brewed with Liberty beans as they don't want the acidity to overpower the nutty tones. However, on the day I visited, they were trying out Common Man beans. Still, I liked my flat white, which came recommended, for its balance. This is coming from a person who doesn't like sour coffee (ie high acidity) which is why I often take mocha. People who aren't coffee fanatics will find the flat white very suitable to have.

Those who are into standard brunch items like eggs Benedict will find a lack of choices here, since their main specialty is sandwiches. But they do their specialty outstanding, so give it a go. A side note to the cafe owners, can you all try making your own bread? If it means lower prices. :P

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