Shirokiya - mod Jap Dining House with a healthy twist

Shirokiya recently opened its 2nd outlet in Singapore, located at CHIJMES. In Japan, this izakaya (Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food) chain has over 30 years of history.

The interior is stylish and modern, with sufficient space between tables. However, it may not be the best place for catching up as the environment can get pretty noisy still, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

Branching out from the flagship at Cuppage, the menu here differs with an additional new series of dishes, some featuring a "healthy" element to it.

Cold Tofu Marinated with Shio-koji or salted rice malt ($8.80)
The cold tofu is light on the palate, with a hint of salty flavour from the shio-koji. Simple but refreshing, this is something different from the usual tofu dishes. For those who find it bland, adding a little of the accompanying miso on the side will be more than enough. This is only served in limited portions each day.

Bonito Fish Marinated with Ponzu Sauce (7.80)
The garlic helped in masking the slight fishiness present. It would have been a great dish actually, if not for the less-than-fresh fish used. Still, it's rare to see tataki served at this price point in slightly upscale restaurants like this, which makes this value-for-money. 

Ultimate Fried Chicken Wings with Sweet Sauce ($18.80)
This JFC (Jap Fried Chicken) reminded me of KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) because of the sweet sticky sauce coating it. The exterior was crispy alright - a result of double-frying. But, because of the same reason, the chicken meat was on the dry side. It was the same when I came on an earlier occasion. For the price, it might just be better to get something else on the menu instead.

Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu served in Collagen Soup ($38)
The white blob of chicken collagen is added into the soup before all other ingredients. Each of the thin and luscious pork belly slices after shabu-ing is springy and fresh in flavour.

Coupled with the vegetables and soup stock, this is easily one of the best pork shabu around. The pork slices given is also sufficient for 2-3 people to share. Our favourite of the night.

Broiled Pressed Mackerel ($15.80)
Not your usual sushi, the fish is slightly tart from having undergone the pickling process. Each piece is also just right in thickness.. The rice is chewy with bits of pickles mixed in and the combination of textures is pretty decent.

This is a good option for a different kind of sushi as it is not often found at other similar Jap establishments.

Warabi Mochi ($7.80) 
The round off with dessert. Created with their own recipe from scratch. every blob of the mochi is luscious and wobbly soft. The dark sugar syrup isn't cloyingly sweet and this made for a party in the mouth.

Sprinkled with a generous dusting of sesame powder, this tops my standard for mochi by far. Get this if you are thinking of dessert without moving to other places. 

Home-made rich Soy Milk Pudding ($4.80)
What differentiates this soy milk pudding from your normal beancurd pudding is the layer of caramelised sugar on top. The transparent glass-like sugar layer lends a crispiness to the smooth pudding. Not a bad choice for soya bean pudding lovers.

The hits outnumber the misses. Overall, we had an enjoyable meal at Shirokiya.With a third outlet opening at Clarke Quay in the near future, Shirokiya looks set to stay - and for pretty good reason too. If you are looking to save even more, go for the value set lunches available at $12 nett.

#01-05/06 CHIJMES
30 Victoria St, 187996
Sun-Thurs 10am-11pm
Fri-Sat 10am-1am