Choo Choo Chicken 츄츄 - No.1 Korean Fried Chicken in Town?

Opened just earlier this year in March, Choo Choo Chicken's main sell is  치맥 (pronounced as chi-maek), or Chicken and Beer. This food combination has gone into popularity overdrive ever since the popular K-drama "My Love From The Star" featured it, and Choo Choo here calls its version "no. 1" in town. How could I not check it out?

It is a small, simple joint with a limited capacity of 24 indoors. The first time we went on a weekday evening, it was nearly filled save for one last table. Sadly though, they were out of their korean fried chicken (yes my world crashed when I heard that). Nevertheless, we went ahead and ordered the SPAM C.C Burger.

Spam. C.C Burger. They also offer an alternative version with tuna instead of spam. ($6.90)
It is a burger made up of SPAM(luncheon meat) encased within a layer of kimchi between 2 chewy seaweed-rice patties. The spam was fried crisp on the outside while retaining its meaty moisture. It went very well with the crunchiness of the sour kimchi (I like it sour). The entire combination was superb. Must get.

We also settled for the chicken tenders, which were pieces of chicken breast fried in batter. These reminded me of the ones at Popeyes. The batter was light and the chicken tenders did not leave an oily aftertaste in the mouth, but it did seem a little bland. 
Chicken Tenders ($10)
Finally, we returned on a weekday noon after that failed first visit. Yes. This time round, there were the fried chicken. On top of that, they had special lunch sets too. Each set comes with 4 pieces of fried chicken wings and drumlets, seaweed-flecked rice and kimchi.

Hot and Iced Barley Tea ($1 a cup)
We opted for the lunch sets instead of the pricier (and less small-group friendly) ala-carte, which only has Chicken wings available in 8-piece Wings and drumlets ($16) or whole chicken ($29.90).

Garlic-flavoured Fried Chicken Set ($8.90)
The Garlic Fried Chicken came extremely fragrant. A bite into this and yes, definitely one of the crispiest fried chicken around, The savoury-sweet garlic marinade drizzled atop it didn't affect its crispiness at all.

Spicy Fried Chicken Set ($8.90)
As for the Spicy Fried Chicken, be warned, the spiciness is really spicier than a good portion of us can normally take. Despite it being really hot, I preferred it to the other flavour because it is fully savoury.

Both versions tried were completely crispy with tender flesh inside. However, the meat itself could have done with more flavour. Perhaps it was the chicken used, but there was no natural sweetness to the meat. Only the marinade and chicken skin provided the flavour.

We also took away the Soy-flavoured fried chicken. Sadly, the chicken lost its crispiness from being in the box too long. Still, the flavour was there. The Soy Fried Chicken resembled Four Fingers' Soy version - light saltiness with a sticky sweetness.

With the quality and consistency of the fried chicken, it is definitely a place worth checking out for Korean Fried Chicken lovers, albeit a little pricy. The lunch sets will provide better value if eating alone or in a pair. I should think Choo Choo better than Four Fingers, but number 1? It remains to be seen with more competitors versions waiting to be tried.

Choo Choo Chicken
33 Bali Lane (nearest MRT Bugis)
Open daily from 11.30am-11pm