A visit to Whale & Cloud 鲸与雲 - Singapore's (Not-so-) Hidden Cafe [CLOSED]

"Many will seek but not all will find". Aptly described, Whale & Cloud is located behind the row of shophouses along Niven Road. Although it is supposedly "hidden", it is not-so-secret anymore judging by the queue we saw outside when we reached at 3pm. Not surprising considering the buzz it has been generating on Instagram.

The entrance is in the alleyway behind and it took us a little bit of rounding. As luck had it, we went down the right direction and turned into the correct alley. Pretty cool address too at 48¾, just like platform 9¾ in Harry Potter.  

Since the cafe was full, the queue moved only when people exited. It was about 45 minutes before we got in. The well air-conditioned interior is a pretty small and cosy space without being cramped. The natural light filtering in from the transparent ceiling lent a glow to the greenhouse-inspired interior and the place was laidback and relaxing.

There are about 20 seats available and the setting is very much communal. The staff are friendly and easy to talk to and we learnt that the place was set up by 3 friends.

"Rules" in the house.
When we visited, there was a cute dog there as well. His name is Bailey and he belongs to one of the 'staff' there. Apparently, the owners' friends help out at the cafe as staff occasionally

There are only 2 kinds of coffee available on the menu - black/white. These are espresso coffees made using coffee beans acquired from the owners' overseas travels. The coffee beans for this week were from the Blue Bottle Coffee Co of California, USA. Place your order with any of the staff.

My white coffee was pretty decent, but I would have liked it thicker. Each cup comes with a small complementary cup of the old-school colourful gems biscuits.

We were lucky enough too to get the 2nd last slice of carrot cake available. This is a must-try because the smooth icing isn't overly sweet and the cake was moist. This was baked by one of the owners, who wasn't there that day.

If you plan to visit, be prepared to queue to enter. A combination of coffee+cake is $12. Overall, an interesting option to explore with a friend with its hidden location and cosy concept. Do avoid coming in large groups (>4) though because of the limited seating space.

48 Niven Rd
Saturdays: 9am-4pm (follow their instagram @whalencloud for the most accurate info)