Visit to Noir Art Specialty Coffee [CLOSED]

Noir Art Specialty Coffee may look small with 4 tables inside and 2 tables outside, but they have their own micro-roastery with which they roast their own coffee beans. It is located right beside Madame Patisserie and a short distance away from Little India MRT (Exit A). 

Besides the coffees, they do serve a good variety of sandwiches, desserts and pastries (some from All Things Delicious).

They also have a small little corner within the shop dedicated to book exchanges.

Hot Belgian Dark Chocolate ($5.50)
Very milky and extremely chocolatey, the Hot Belgian Dark Chocolate will be for the ones who love the richness of chocolate. This felt somewhat like drinking melted chocolate and was a little too sweet - on the verge of cloying for me. There was a strong milkiness to the drink too. Order only if you need a chocolate fix/are a true lover of chocolate.

Noir Art Specialty Cheesecake ($6.80)
There's a strong zesty lemon flavour to this cheesecake, which was refreshing.

The cheesecake was creamy smooth in texture but I would have liked it even more if the biscuit base was crumbly instead of smooth. Still overall, this would be a good pick to go with.

Bottled Cold Brew($6)
Another specialty here, the Bottled Cold Brew is made without coming into contact with hot water. Apparently, the coffee used is ground steeped for 12 hours. This resembled a cold latte and was again, very milky. It was almost like drinking milk with a slight coffee flavour. Not on my list of favourite coffees.
Chocolate Chip Cookies

This cafe doesn't stand out in its coffee, at least going by the two too-milky ones we had. Still, it is an alright choice to spend your afternoon at, given the general laidback vibe of the area. If possible, I will be back to try the more substantial food.

Noir Art Specialty Coffee
23 MacKenzie Rd, S228680
Weekdays 8am-6pm; Sat 9am-6pm; Sun 9.30pm-4.30pm