O Sole Mio ~ Authentic Italian Up North [Closed]

This little eatery/bar was discovered along the quieter roads of Sembawang. Mum and me were in the area for a visit to a doctor and we happened to pass by, so on an impromptu whim, we decided to try it. In any case, we'd been eyeing it since the first time we came across it. 

It was lunchtime on Sunday, yet we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. The Italian owner personally came over and explained the day's specials to us. 

Orecchiette Carbonara ($22)
I like cream sauces, so I could not resist ordering the cream-based carbonara. Instead of the usual spaghetti, we decided to go for the handmade Orecchiette (ear-shaped pasta) recommended by the owner. The pasta was a little dense around the edges, so it was slightly more chewy than I would have liked. At the same time, it provided an interesting dimension of texture to this Italian classic.The mix of bacon, cheese and cream sauce was simple, but delicious.

Pork wrapped in thin pastry skin and parma ham ($22)

The daily special - Mashed Pork Tenderloin wrapped with Parma Ham. The shredded pork within the crisp pastry skin was flavorful with some chunky meat pieces here and there - proof of it being hand-mashed. The wrapping of parma ham around the pork, though flavorful, resulted in it being a little too salty overall. This, on top of the brown sauce it came with. 

Apart from its mains, this Italian outfit also sells their own pizzas. Prices are considered alright for Italian and mains and pizzas go at about $20.  If I were to have Italian cuisine again, I really would not mind coming back to try it for its other dishes. It is after all, authentic and the service is pretty efficient and warm.

O Sole Mio Italian Restaurant

431 Sembawang Road
Daily from 12-2pm and 6pm-10.30pm