House @ Dempsey ~ Review

House@Dempsey is by the folks behind the likes of Skinny Pizza and Tiong Bahru Bakery. Naturally, I was quite psyched to try it given the (mostly) hits these brands have presented to us. In addition, the Dempsey area has been one that I have not visited till now so this marked a first. I dropped in on House for a lunch meeting on my first day of internship - Monday lunchtime.

The ambience appears casual and relaxed, with the restaurant set among the foliage of Dempsey.  It was nearly full-house when we visited and so, there was quite a bit of chatter. That spoilt the serenity that I think the place aimed to offer a little.

The menu is presented in an olden-newspaper format and prices for mains here start at $20 upwards, exclusive of 10% service charge and 7% GST.  There was quite a variety presented, from 5 varieties of fries; various appetisers, to mains which included pizzas, pastas and meat courses.

Curry Mustard Fries ($9) -  topped with paprika, curry and sea salt
There was a Fries-tastic menu offering 4 differently flavored fries which all appeared to die for. We chose the Curry Mustard (I will return to try the Truffle Taro fries) and it was served in a shovel - with a portion that matched its price. Best for sharing between 3-4 people, unless you don't want to leave space for a main.Fries were crisp, fluffy, but just decently average. Certainly, I was expecting more.

Wild Truffle Mushroom Pizza ($23)
One simply does not eat this entirely on her own. Portion sizes for pizzas are slightly a little big for a person with normal appetite. It is truffle-fragrant and crackling-crispy on the first slice, but because there isn't any meat to vary the texture and taste, along with the pretty strong truffle oil aroma, it gets a little overpowering and oily after a while. Again, sharing this would be better.

Squid Ink Pizza ($25) - Calamari and prawns on squid-ink black crust

 The seafood were fresh, but it was just 'alright' from what my colleague, who finished most of the toppings and left 70% of the crust said.

Roasted Barramundi ($29) - tumeric roasted topped with sweet date sauce and seared chorizo.

In terms of value and taste, this dish (my choice) far pales in comparison to other mains. Funnily, it is served on a really large plate and presented just as a small, piled dollop in the centre. The fish, though fresh, was a little on the flavorless side, save for the skin and sauce. Perhaps because the meat used here is from the barramundi. The date sauce did not help to jazz up its flavor profile much, while I found the addition of the chorizo and a mussel on top somewhat random.It would have been better with a stronger sauce. The few pieces of apple salad was pretty refreshing though.

Old-fashioned American Sliders ($26) - with bacon and cheddar cheese.
This is one of House's specials. You can choose 5 kinds of toppings to go with your beef patty, from bleu cheese and bacon to plain with truffled aioli (sauce made of garlic, olive oil and lemon juice). The sliders they served us was slightly on the dry side that day, with the medium-rare done patty better than the medium. Be sure to choose your beef patty done medium at most, any more and it will be too dry. The mixture of sweet potato and truffle fries served on the side was very very big in portion. You do not need to order any more fries ala-carte on the side unless you really want another particular kind of fries. Again, this is good for sharing and I will certainly order this over the barramundi the next time.

Side: Tau Sar Pao ($2.50) and Dessert: Carrot Cake
Tau Sar Pao (Bean Paste Steamed Bun) will probably be one of the last things you would expect to find on the western menu at House, but there it is, and it comes with a recommended sign too. I was skeptical about it, but upon the first bite, this became a must-try. The steamed white bun is wonderfully soft and the bean paste inside is smooth and sweet but not cloying. This is one of the best versions I have had in Singapore.

Desserts: Snickers Tart (milk chocolate with caramelised peanuts), Lemon Curd Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie and  Orange Blossom Carrot Cake.
Of all, the key lime pie stood out for me. The sour curd was refreshing while the meringue added a soft texture, coupled with the crumbly tart base. The carrot cake came off a little dense; I like mine soft and moist. The Snickers tart and cheesecake were good, but you can skip it if you are too full.

Tiffin Punch - Cocktail of lychee liquer, gin and grapefruit

This cocktail is mild in alcohol flavor, with a fruity taste from the lychee liquer and grapefruit. It is served in a tiffin and really, a good drink to kick back with especially on a hot afternoon. It made for an enjoyable roundoff to our meal.

House is really a decent choice if you are looking for a western meal in the Dempsey area, and its prices are considered average in the Dempsey area. Do give it a try for the multiple flavors and types of fries, if not for the Tiffin Punch and Tau Sar Pao.


8D Dempsey Rd S249672
Mon-Thurs 12pm-11pm; 
Fri 12pm-midnight; Sat 11am-midnight; Sun 9am-11pm