Cafe Checkout: Miss Molly's

Tucked away in Craig Road, this quiet little cafe has a cool vintage interior that sports naked bulbs and quaint furnishings.

The menu includes an array of salads to common cafe grub like sandwiches and all-day breakfast items, all pretty affordably priced. 

There are set lunches available from 12 noon to 3pm, but choices are limited to a few selected mains.

Cappuccino and Latte.
My colleague and I each got a Cappuccino and Latte. The coffees were plainly average, perhaps a little under average standard as the aroma wasn't strong and the coffee taste was a little understated for both. Definitely could use a stronger coffee flavor. 

Soup-of-the-day: Mushroom Soup
For their sandwiches, an addition of $3 will get you a soup and coffee, which is a good deal considering that their coffees go from $3 onwards. The Mushroom Soup that came didn't taste like it was made from a premix, but it definitely isn't made fully from scratch either. Taste-wise, it wasn't bad and the accompanying croutons were toasty fragrant.

"Kiam Chye" Alio Olio ($9.80)
My colleague decided to go for the most interesting-sounding dish on the menu: the "Kiam Chye" Alio Olio; an alio olio pasta tossed with salted vegetables (kiam chye). Surprisingly, the combination wasn't bad (but it wasn't very good too) and it made for a nice savory dish along with the addition of cheese. However, the pasta could be improved on as it was slightly overcooked instead of al-dente.

My choice of 'Har Cheong Gai (Prawn Paste Chicken) sandwich came with thai sweet chilli sauce. It was disappointing though, exciting as it sounded. The accompanying foccacia bread wasn't fluffy and somewhat crusty and a little stale, while the Har Cheong Gai missed the taste of prawn paste and it was overcooked, resulting in a piece of dry meat that was nearly too hard to down. The best on the plate, would perhaps be the paprika fries instead, but even that only passed for decent.   

Perhaps because it's newly opened, hence the food isn't up to par yet. If you intend to come here, avoid the dishes above and try others, which hopefully they will fare better at.

Miss Molly's
2 Craig Road
Closed on Sundays