One Man Coffee Review

Located among the Upper Thomson enclave of eateries, One Man Coffee prides itself on its espresso coffees, alongside a small menu of all-day breakfast items. Just a few doors down from its more-known competitor-neighbour Habitat Coffee, it has 2 tables outside and more inside. The atmosphere is cool and relaxed with its brown hues and warm lighting and there's the constant wafting smell of warm, freshly made coffee. Certainly, it is a good place to catch up with friends though it can get a little noisy and tight (the space between tables is slightly small) when crowded. The space is shared with Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar, which takes over after 5pm.  

The place was full when we dropped by the place on the Sunday afternoon after choosing to turn away from Habitat Coffee, which had a long wait list.  Despite the full house, the service staff were quick to attend to us with a menu and also politely requested that we wait for a short while till there was an available table.

One Man Coffee Menu

The menu is definitely limited, compared to what other cafes have to offer usually but it suffices to satisfy all-day breakfast cravings. Our food took about 15 minutes, which is pretty long, but it came together all at the same time, so I guess the waiting time is alright.

Spinach Salad with prosciutto, toasted pine nuts, cranberries and feta cheese ($10).
The toasted nuts and cranberries provided crunch to the well-flavored salad, which was dressed with olive oil vinaigrette. What made it all the better was the feta cheese that accompanied it. The cheese had a delightful burst-in-the-mouth quality with creaminess, which made the salad all the better with each mouthful. The greens could do with lesser oil dressing and perhaps they could be more generous with the prosciutto but otherwise, this is a hit.

Big Brekkie ($12)
The Big Brekkie came beautifully presented, but the sourdough rye bread was a letdown as it was crusty-dry and we had difficulty cutting it. The honey ham likewise, was dry and lacking in flavor. Even the 6-minute eggs - meant to be like lava eggs according to the staff; which was supposed to have a flowy yolk centre, barely scraped through with one yolk nearly solid and the other semi-liquid. Luckily, the spinach salad side dressed in pesto was delectable, though again a little too much oil here. What really stood out on this platter though was the roasted tomatoes, seared to a semi-crisp exterior with a wonderfully juicy sweet interior. Yums.

Brioche French Toast with Homemade Berry Compote, Candied Walnuts and Cream ($10) 
Once again, the cafe did a terrific job on presentation. The Brioche French Toast was fluffy and moist with eggy flavor; definitely a must-try for those who love their french toast. The bread soaked up the cream easily and the bread melts in the mouth, but I am not a French Toast person, so I did not enjoy its sweetness too much. The berry compote provided a nice contrasting sour to this.

Bottom right: Gashouse Egg with Bacon Jam ($10)
We were told that this is popular item on the menu, and I can see why. If there is one thing I have to pick to have here, it would be this Gashouse Egg with Bacon Jam. The bacon jam didn't stand out like I expected it to because it basically tasted just like bacon with a little sweet tinge, but it was alright because the bread stole the show. It arrived freshly toasted warm with gooey melted cheese and when the centre was cut, the egg yolk in the middle of the bread flows out wonderfully. Soak it up with the bread and what you have is gastronomic. Must order.

Overall, really decent, if not above average all-day breakfast items from One Man Coffee. They outdid themselves on the beautiful presentation. Definitely one of the most memorable cafes I have been to in a while and I will be back to savour its espressos, which looks like it will deliver as well, if what I saw and smelled was anything to go by.

One Man Coffee
215R Upper Thomson Road
Daily from 9am-5pm