Pita Pan - pita-centric Mediterranean without meat

Pita Pan is positioned as a fast service Mediterranean meatless eatery, letting you get your fix of pitas and falafels in a fuss-free manner. The eatery's main sell is their pita pockets, which you can customise according to your preferences. The pitas are filled in front of you as you choose from the selections at the bar, which ranges from chickpea hummus to vegetables such as beetroot, along with any sauce(s) you like. 

I was excited about visiting this, as this marked the first time I would be trying Mediterranean food. We ordered the Red Shakshuka, which is the next must-try item aside from the pita, and topped it up with Feta Cheese at an extra $1. Shakshuka is a common Mediterranean breakfast dish that has eggs poached in a sauce made of tomato, peppers and other spices. It came along with a pita pocket on the side to dip into the dish. The taste of the sauce is similar to the traditional pasta bolognese sauce, with a hint of other flavours that comes with the other spices incorporated, but mostly tomato. It is appetising,as any tomato-based sauce would be. The Feta cheese was a nice contrast to the slightly-sour sauce and I would recommend you to add it in. There are other types of Shakshuka (White- feta cheese in place of eggs, Green - spinach as replacement) which you may be interested in ordering.
Red Shakshuka - $11.90

We also ordered the Sabich, which is one of their pita pocket offerings. The Sabich came with your choice of salad, hummus, eggplant and tahini (ground sesame paste) with tangy Amba (spiced mango sauce). The pocket was filled to the brim and what I liked was how the sauce gave it a zesty flavour.

Sabich- $11.90
In our excitement to order, we forgot that the Sabich did not include Falafel (deep fried ground chickpea patties) balls. Going to Pita Pan without trying the Falafel, especially since it was our first time eating Mediterranean, was unacceptable. So, we ordered the Full Pocket Meal to share and takeaway for dinner. I really liked the falafel. Though it was cold by dinner time, the entire thing still tasted absolutely delicious with the mix of flavours. The usage of spices to create the mix of flavour is similar to that of Indian cuisine, albeit using different spices.

Definitely a choice that is healthy, since it is fully vegetarian (but whether it is low in calorie count may be another separate matter given how spiced sauces are known to pack calories). The convenience of it all is a bonus as well. Service-wise, the staff could be a little more helpful with pointing us to the self-service counter and getting us glasses of water. It is worth a try, but otherwise, for the price and open setting, it might not be something you would want to go for often unless you are an avid Mediterranean food lover. Even then, there are plenty of restaurants around town where the fare can be had for the same price point in a better setting.  

Tips: Big groups (>4) may want to try the Meditteranean platter(Choice of falafel or veggie sharwarma with pitas on the side) for better value.

Pita Pan
#02-183A, Marina Square Shopping Mall,
6 Raffles Boulevard

Another branch located at Marina Bay Sands.