Review~ Tart Blanc

Tart Blanc's specialty lies in their exquisite little tarts, as the name suggests. The shop does sell other creations such as cookies and also offers sandwich meal sets that comes with salads/soup (at promotional prices of 9.90/$13.90 for lunch) and a drink. 

Been meaning to visit it and it so happened that I happened to chance by it with the girls after dinner at the now-closed Parco Millenia. Since it was after 8.30pm, we managed to get 3 tarts at $5 each as part of the closing offer.

Firstly, the tarts have a crust that are on the sturdier side. Well, two plastic forks were broken (of which a piece of it flew off) in the process of trying to take a piece of the crust. Perhaps a crust with just a sturdy exterior and a slightly softer interior would be better, as the crust was rock-sturdy inside and out.   

Flavors wise, the banana caramel came off nicely and indulgent with its creamy texture. The banana flavor wasn't overpowered by the chocolate.

Banana Chocolate Silk Tart
The espresso caramel tart has a slight hint of alcohol to it, and we confirmed its infusion with the shop owner. Coffee flavor, infused with caramel is what makes the filling.

Espresso Caramel Tart, adorned with a gold dusted coffee bean.
This saffron poached pear tart is light and fruity, with a supple smooth top filling. This will be my pick out of the 3, if it has to be a comparison between fillings.
Saffron Poached Pear Tart

The tarts are priced on the higher side, about $5-7+, but I suppose the price is justified for the ingredients used. However, the tart shells need more refinement as they were too hard. A crumbly, softer tart shell would be much more ideal. Definitely not something you can have everyday, but it's worth a visit if you are a great fan of tarts. Good as a shared dessert after a meal.

Tart Blanc
#01-102, Millenia Walk,
9 Raffles Boulevard