Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Impromptu breakfast with dad and mum. I was heading out of the door when mum mentioned dad was awake (when he was sleeping) and said I could go and have my kaya toast with him. I told her he was sleeping and said never mind before closing the wooden door. Turning to my phone, HM's text came to say she would be late, and so I reopened the door and asked mum, who told me dad hadn't slept for very long. Hearing that, I went to wake dad up and he was ok with breakfast - Mum decided to join too and got ready within 10 minutes (which is a feat for her really) and we headed for Ya Kun at Northpoint!

We ordered 2 sets - the French Toast and Kaya Toast. I wanted to try the new items they had on promotion (kaya balls etc - been raving to mum about it incessantly) but decided against it as I was afraid it would be too much. :X The 2 sets (1 coffee, 1 tea, 2 sets of boiled eggs, 4 portions of French Toast and 4 portions (squares) of Kaya Butter Toast in total) were just right for us. The boiled eggs came looking perfect in my opinion - 2 pretty yolks wobbling and encased within a translucent layer of egg white, just like the way boiled eggs should be. I am not a fan of boiled eggs, but I tried a little of mum's and I must say the texture was great. Half-boiled eggs lovers will definitely not be disappointed with Ya Kun's version. They got the technique down pat, a quick peek at the consistency of the eggs at other tables proved it.

The teh siew dai (tea with less sugar) that Dad ordered for me hit the spot for me. Just the right level of sweetness. I am slightly health-conscious, but I still want appropriate sweetness levels for my drinks and food, and this tea was just right. I didn't try the kopi (coffee), but Dad and Mum both said it was good.

Now for the Kaya Toast. It came lukewarm perhaps because they did not manage to serve it fast enough. I like my traditional toast to be crispy with a hint of softness, but this was too soft. The whole thing came off as soft without much bite to it, though there were occasional hints of crispiness here and there. I definitely expected more from Ya Kun, the kaya and generous portion of butter complemented well, but it is the bread here that failed to deliver, which is a pity.

Ya Kun French Toast - Only managed to take this picture before we swiped it all out

As for the French Toast, it came lukewarm too. The toast was portioned into 8 cubes so it was easy to handle, along with a side of kaya served separately. Sadly, the French Toast was underwhelming. There was no eggy flavor or any fragrance to it, and only the 'prints' on the bread and slight sogginess gave a hint that it should be French Toast.

Still, the underwhelming breakfast was acceptable for me, because it was a weekday morning breakfast with family at such a perfect timing (was only telling Mum how much I wanted to go to Ya Kun the previous night).

Overall: Perhaps the other franchises of Ya Kun will do its name more right.
Visited in: End October 2013