Pizzeria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands Review

I was very fortunate to be part of the 8 Days Wish Dish tasting event about a few weeks back in October. The restaurant that I was allocated for the tasting was Pizzeria Mozza, one of the celebrity chef restaurants at Marina Bay Sands. 50% of the proceeds from ordering the Wish Dish goes towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It is good food for a good cause.

Right after we sat down, we were given this small pack of cheese-encrusted crackers. Apparently, the restaurant gives these to customers while they wait for their orders to come. The crackers were crisp with the fragrance of the baked cheese and not in the least oily.

Now for the antipasti. I noticed this unfamiliar word on the menu and hence, went to look it up. Antipasti means "before-the-meal" in Italian dining, which is basically the equivalent of appetisers/starters. We were served three of the antipasti Pizzeria Mozza offered.

Calamari Al Forno with Fagioli and Oregano
The squid was really fresh and baked just right. Al Forno food refers to food that has been baked in an oven. This dish was surprisingly good and became my favourite antipasti out of the 3.I wasn't expecting too much for a squid dish from a restaurant with pizza as its main offering, but I guess this is where the restaurant differentiates itself, being good not just at pizzas but its antipasti too. For squid-lovers especially, this definitely won't disappoint! 

Arancine Alla Bolognese (Meatballs al forno)

Baked meatballs topped with cheese shavings in bolognese sauce. These meatballs are filled with cheese inside as well. A pretty well-executed dish too.

Avocado, sun gold tomato and prosciutto breadcrumbs

I honestly didn't think I would like avocado, because I haven't been exposed to it much in the past. Trying it here though, I really think I can start accepting avocadoes from now on. The creaminess of the avocado was very well complemented by the crispy prosciutto(!!) crumbs, which I loved to bits (no pun intended). 

Nancy's Chopped Salad
I also enjoyed this salad very much. It includes radicchio, sun gold tomato, salami, aged provolone, Ceci and pepperocini. Light on the palate and fresh. The portion is very big too, so perhaps just ordering this without the antipasti would be enough as a starter for four to share. I do think any 1 of the 3 antipasti is worth a try- all executed pretty well. Definitely living up to the celebrity chef restaurant name.

Now for the Wish Dish that is the star of our tasting. The Egg, Bacon, Yukon gold potato, Cippolini and Thyme Pizza. It smelled superb when set in front of us and the savory combination is uncommon, since the pizzas I know are the ones from the likes of local pizza brands such as Pizza Hut where toppings range from chicken to ham and pepperoni, but never an egg yolk in the middle with long strips of bacon and thick potato slices like this. 

This wood-fired pizza is really big and cut only into 4 slices. The crust is very crispy, yet chewy at the same time, which is a result of the special dough the restaurant uses and the proofing methods they employ. The pizza is not tomato-based like the usual we know, and coupled with the egg yolk (smear some on your toppings), it makes for a very savory pizza. I especially like the bite the yukon potato provides and again the special airy crust, which isn't exactly thin, but still manages to be light.This is definitely one of the best pizzas I have had. 

While sitting at your table, you can see the pizza chefs preparing and flipping the dough for the pizza (resembles prata-making somewhat) and the big wood-fired ovens behind them, where a pizza is sent in every now and then. 

Wish Dish: Egg, Bacon, Yukon gold potato, Cippolini and Thyme Pizza ($39)

Lastly, the finishing touches to the meal- dessert! The MBS representative raved about the butterscotch sea-salt budino, naming it as a must try even before the start of the meal. The rosemary pine cookies that accompanied is was nothing to shout about, but the budino was smooth- mousse-like texture and the saltiness of it made it very much enjoyable. You can taste the sea salt bits clearly between the sweetness of the butterscotch. Would have liked it with less whipped cream though.

Butterscotch Budino with Sea Salt, served with rosemary cookies.

Banana Gelato Pie topped with Hot Fudge and candied hazelnuts

The butterscotch budino is lovely, and it has quite a following so you should try it. However, I preferred this  Gelato Pie better for my palate, though again it could have done with less whipped cream. A large part of the reason is the crunchy candied hazelnuts that came with it, SO good I couldn't have enough of it. You can't go wrong with chocolate fudge sauce and a banana gelato pie, but the candied hazelnuts made it a cut above. 

The restaurant was pretty crowded, and it was a Friday afternoon when we were there, so that speaks for itself. Price-wise, it is reasonable (pizzas range from $18-$39 and each can serve 4 to satiation comfortably, but to be properly full you will have to order antipasti/dessert/more pizza to go with it) and I believe for the above we have had, it would come down to a bill of about $140. Pizzeria Mozza would be a restaurant I will probably return to in future when I am looking for good, exquisite pizzas.