Fynn's at South Beach - Review [Media Invite]

Fynn's at South Beach is an Australia-inspired establishment. The warm hues of the casual bistro and layout makes it an inviting, ideal place for a relaxed meal and conversation. We were there for its dinner menu and the place was pretty packed for a weekday Thursday. 


Fynn's coffee menu
Fynn's food menu
Made from Common Man beans, the coffee is on the milkier side. Each cup is served with a cookie made in-house. The peanut butter cookie which I had was excellent - crunchy on the outside and crumbly within. These are available for sale by pre-order too apparently. 

Italian Burratina ($11.5)

The slightly stretchy, burratina cheese in the light starter is creamy and light with a wonderful saltiness at the end to cap off the flavour. This dish isn't commonly found, except perhaps in Italian eateries here. The pickled onions added an extra element to the dish, as these were juicy and appetising.

No. of Tiaras: 3.5/5

Spanish Octopus ($17) 

Grilled to just right, the Spanish octopus had a smokiness from the grill. The texture was springy with a nice chew that wasn't too tough and the touch of lemongrass gave the flavour a lift from being heavy. 

No. of Tiaras: 4/5

Prawn Scampi ($12.5)

For 3 big pieces of prawn, this is well worth the price. Every prawn had an evident smokiness with none overcooked. The burnt garlic chips added a garlicky aroma to the dish, which complemented well.  

No. of Tiaras: 4.5/5

Crabmeat Taglierini ($26)
The pastas here are made in house, including the taglierini, which is reminiscent of our local 'mee pok' in terms of thickness and texture. 
The noodles are springy with a bite, but we couldn't taste any spiciness from the supposed spicy shellfish sauce base. The crabmeat was generous, but otherwise this was a little bland, unlike its description. 

No. of Tiaras: 2.5/5

Iberico Pork ($32) 
Every piece of the Iberico pork made for a very juicy and chewy slice that mixed in garlic glaze with charred-savoury taste. The dish went well with the sides of oven-baked Brussels sprouts and celeriac purée, both of which were executed well. 

No. of Tiaras: 4.5/5

Sirloin Steak ($27) 

Every piece of the steak was well-seared on the outside and within to a medium well. Nothing to pick at for this, perhaps except for the fact that the meat slab could be thicker. 

No. of Tiaras: 4/5


Molten Milk Chocolate - milk chocolate cake, coffee caramel, vanilla gelato, lemon zest
Both the coconut mascarpone cream ($13) and molten milk chocolate ($13) were well-executed. If there had to be one pick though, my vote would go to the molten milk chocolate, as the lava cake was spongy and moist, going exceedingly well with the coffee caramel and a vanilla gelato that was packed full of vanilla bean flavour. 

Coconut mascarpone cream - coconut and gula melaka jelly, butterscotch ice, chocolate crumbles
While there was not much of liquid flow from the molten chocolate, the classic dessert had each element well. It came together to give it that slight edge against the unique coconut mascarpone cream, which itself had a refreshing, wobbly, coconut gula melaka jelly accompanied by light cream.  

Overall, the menu at Fynn's doesn't disappoint, if not exceeding expectations on some dishes. What I loved most was the relaxed vibes of the place - be it for brunch, lunch or dinner, this is a good place to have relaxed conversations over a meal. Fynn's does an all-day brunch menu, available on the weekends. Be sure to reserve, as the place can get quite packed. 

26 Beach Road #B1-21, Singapore 189768
Open Tues-Fri 9am-10pm; Sat 11am - 10pm; Sun 11am-5pm; 
Closed on Mondays 
Tel:  6384 1878

Many thanks to Fynn's and @msginginly for the invited tasting