OTC Cafe at National Library

Who would have thought the National Library would be a place to 'cafe hop' to, but OTC Cafe is a spot. Located at level 3 where the auditiorium is, the location is less hushed than the rest of the library. However, it is still relatively quiet, making it a good place for those who may not prefer total silence when concentrating. 

Their extensive menu offers appetisers, mains and beverages such as shakes and coffee. For lunch, there is also a set menu of a soup+main+dessert from $8.90-$13.90 nett. 


Appetisers for sharing

Lunch Set Menu


Of note, the coffee beans used here are from Jewel Coffee. If my cup of mocha was anything to go by, the coffees here are on the milky side and good for those into non-acidic coffees. 

Spicy Drumlets ($8.90)
Of the two wings given, these were the better ones. It's simple spicy drumlets, no wow, but all good enough to satisfy in its originality. 

No. of 👑: 3.5

Honey Wings ($8.90)

Perhaps because these were baked, they were on the dry side and lacking in flavour. 

No. of 👑: 2.5

Truffle Fries ($7.90)

These shoestrings were doused in sufficient truffle oil and salt. Perhaps a little much, because they were slightly soggy. On the flip side, it's perfect for soggy fries lovers and the portion given was pretty big. I would be perfectly happy as a mugging student to have these. 

No. of 👑: 3 /3.5 (for soggy fries lovers)

Egg and Cheese Portobello ($14.90)
The juicy grilled mushrooms were topped with poached eggs that oozed when cut. The dish comes with a side of grilled bacon and toasted garlic bread. These were standard flavours that didn't disappoint in execution. 

No. of 👑: 3.5 

Scrambled Eggs Croissant ($12.90)
A staple breakfast choice with the components of ham. scrambled eggs with a side salad.The croissant could be better no doubt, as it's the kind that is not as fluffy within. These scrambled eggs were on the runny side, so it made up slightly for the dry croissant.

No. of 👑: 3.5

"Big Breakfast" Pizza ($12.90)
Of the dishes here, this probably worked best for me. Thin crust, topped with ham, italian sausages, mushrooms, cheese and a poached egg in the centre. Hard to go wrong with such classic elements. 

No. of 👑: 3.5

Chilli Crab Pasta ($16.90)
The noodles were cooked to al dente and the chilli sauce and crab meat (pretty generous) were all there. This was it though. It felt like 3 separate elements as it didn't seem like the flavours rubbed off together.

No. of 👑: 3 

The cafe offers sweets such as tiramisu and vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate cake. Between the two, my preference was for the tiramisu. The sponge was slightly soggy, but the flavour elements were all sufficiently present. 

Vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate cake


No. of 👑: 3 

OTC has student-friendly, reasonable prices in particular for its location in Bugis at the National Library. While it won't be top of mind to go out of the way for, It's a good spot to consider if you are in the area and looking for a relatively quiet, chill time over a book or a friendly catch up, all without burning a hole in the pocket. 

Many thanks to OTC cafe for the invited tasting. 

OTC Cafe
100 Victoria Street, National Library Building
Opens daily from 11am-9pm