The Provision Shop Review - Hidden brunch spot in Outram

People often think about Tiong Bahru as the local enclave for cafes. However, if you want to avoid the weekend brunch crowds, a better bet would be the underrated stretch that is Everton Park. The area has a slew of cafes that includes the famed Strangers Reunion (review here). Located here is also The Provision Shop, which prides itself in its usage of organic ingredients. 

The location is as nondescript as can be, conveniently located at the foot of a block of flats. It is a 5-10 minutes walk away from Outram Park station. On the Sunday afternoon we visited, the place was occupied, but luckily, there were still free tables.  

The menu contains the usual cafe favourites, including 3 variations of poached eggs (Benedict, Florentine and another with truffle mushrooms). Other signatures also include the Reuben sandwich - a specialty that was sold out and Belinda's perogis, a cheese-filled polish dumpling. We opted to have the eggs. 
Eggs Florentine
My eggs florentine came on a brioche bread with sautéed greens. It wasn't the spinach as mentioned on the menu, but a vegetable that I have come across but can't quite remember what. In any case, the vegetable had a slightly crunchy texture and distinct taste, which differentiated the dish for me. The eggs were flowy, but I found the hollandaise a little too thick. 

Eggs Benedict with Truffle Mushroom (behind).
My dining partner's dish of Eggs Benedict came with aromatic truffle mushrooms on rustic bread. I preferred the rustic bread pairing than the sweeter thick brioche, but it's a thing of personal preference. Both plates came on a small yellow plate, which I found a little small to eat in comfort. Presentation can definitely be better.

Happily, the coffee served (cappuccino) wasn't acidic, such that it was good to have without sugar, and a nice medium body. However, at $5 a cup, I would have expected some form of latte art, as is the standard for cafes charging such prices nowadays. The milk froth was thick and cocoa powder is sprinkled on top (be careful not to let it stay on your lips as it did mine for a good part of the meal :P). 

The Provision Shop could be worth a visit, especially if you like different variations of eggs benny. However, it will need a bit more work in presentation and a clear distinct edge in its dishes for visitors to return. Prices are considered average-slightly high for a cafe. 

The Provision Shop
3 Everton Park, #01-79, S080003
Tel: 6225 9931
Open Sun, Wed-Thurs 8.30am-6pm, Fri-Sat 8.30am-8pm.