Chokchai Mookata Review - Thai Mookata In The AMK Heartlands [Invited Tasting]

Unlike the many Thai Mookata eateries that have sprung up as standalone eateries in the recent years, Chokchai Mookata has chosen its location within a heartland coffeeshop. Thai Mookata is traditional Thai Steamboat BBQ. Opened by local owner Len and his friend, the stall is located within a coffeeshop that is a 10-15 minutes walk from Ang Mo Kio train station. 

The distinctive point of the mookata here lies in their homemade clear soup base made from radish. It has a light sweetness and is good on its own, yet also makes a good canvas for the seafood/meat to enrich.
Chokchai offers sets of $28++ (2-3 pax)/$45 (for 5-6 pax). Each set comes with an assortment of meat such as black pepper chicken and soy garlic lean meat, scallop, prawns and vegetables. We had the set for 6, but still found that we had some leftover meat left. If you like, you can add on additional preferred ingredients too.

They make their own seafood sauce and chili dips. Try both, and decide which one you like better. My preferred was the seafood (green) one. Warning: the chili packs a punch, but it is worth the heat (with the squid especially).

Apart from the Mookata, they also have Som Tam (Thai green papaya salad). For the uninitiated, this is among Thailand's national dishes.The salad is made by Thai hands - one of the staff here. It packs fieriness, so be warned those who can't take spiciness. Yet, it is refreshingly appetising (if you can get past the heat). 

For those doing mookata for the first time like I was, you start off your mookata by heating up the iron dome. Then take the chunks of lard (ooo) and grease it before laying your meat on it.

Afterwards, it is pretty much whatever floats your boat in the cooking. Don't neglect the side soup 'river' too. Apart from having it the usual steamboat-ish style, try putting the maggi noodles to cook inside and then have it dry-style by tossing your noodles in the green seafood sauce dip. 

For the meat, I preferred the black pepper chicken to the other soy garlic lean meat which was sweeter. 
This may not be the most 'authentic' experience of Mookata, if you insist upon charcoal for your experience. There's also the non air-conditioned setting that may be harder to bear with, though we did not have much problems with that as the fans within did a pretty good job. Otherwise, Chokchai is a very affordable option to consider for a Mookata experience ($8-$10 per pax really?) and the quality.  

Many thanks to Chokchai for the extended invitation.

Chokchai Mookata
340 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Open from5pm-11pm daily.