Hyde and Co [Bugis] - Brunch and Tea in 'Prettiness'

Set amongst the cafes in the Bugis area, Hyde & Co is one pristine cafe that shouts out dainty, prim and English with its charming mostly-white vintage interior. Perfect for those looking to experience English afternoon tea, which I believe quite a few of us are enamoured with after Downton Abbey. It is a 5-10 minutes walk from Bugis Station to reach.

'You can't buy happiness but you can buy tea, And that's kind of the same thing'. A quote that's so true, particularly for foodies.
A great place for girls to titter over tea served in white porcelain pots and plates.
I was excited to find that the lonngggg tea list had Devonshire Cream tea.Sadly though, I didn't try it due to majority votes. They also do scones as well. What's nice, apart from the brunch menu items, is the option of adding on other food items to your ordered brunch platter according to what you want.
Drinks Menu

Food Menu

We had a pot of the Sencha Granny's Apple tea, which had a hint of apple fragrance behind every sip of tea.
Gula Gula Crumpets
The cafe is known for serving crumpets, which is a British griddle cake not dissimilar to muffins, just that crumpets are cooked on one side and muffins are flipped to cook on both sides. Apparently, they are the first (and only?) cafe in Singapore to serve it in Singapore. So, despite the staff's not-so-encouraging words of it still being "in experimentation stage", I went ahead and picked the Gula Gula. The 3 crumpets looked like quarts of a cross between pancakes and crepes, and the texture was a cross of the two as well - slightly rubbery soft, but at the same time a bit too flat to claim fluffiness. The gula melaka and coconut cream combination was reminiscent of ondeh ondeh. This dish does have the potential as a strong differentiating one given further kitchen-testing and I hope to come back to an improved version in future.  
Gula Gula ($10.80) - Stack of 3 crumpets doused in Gula Melaka Sauce and topped with grated coconut.
Truffle Fries

Truffle Fries ($10)
The thick-cut fries were fluffy inside and crispy, with enough oomph of truffle scent. A fairly decent attempt.

Buffalo Wings
Buffalo Wings ($8) - Glazed in Thai Sauce
The Buffalo Wings were glazed in a sticky Thai sauce, and delivered enough spiciness along with crunch. The inside was juicy as well. This may not be the standard flavour of buffalo wings, but it is a good side to order.

Lady Hyde
Lady Hyde ($12.90) - Honey baked ham and sunny-side up with pineapple on brioche
The Lady Hyde tasted as classic as its ingredients. Hard to go wrong, but not impressionable.

The Full Works
The Full Works ($17.90) - Baked cheese Portobello Mushroom, bacon, ham, sausage, baby potatoes, creamy scrambled eggs and sourdough rye.
The creamy scrambled eggs here in the Full Works, which I had also added on to my order crumpets, were just the right creaminess I like. The kind that is wet enough to be smeared on toast, but not too soggy. The baked cheese portobello mushroom also stood out in this platter, on the merit of that differentiating baked cheese.

What I like about Hyde and Co is its apparent drive in offering unique menu items, even if not all are hits. The 'English' teashop ambience and interior decor make it very ideal as a place to relax over afternoon tea - the English way of course. They were about to revamp their menu in January this year when I visited. I will like to return to try their new menu, particularly the tantalising cakes on display, scones. While pretending I am in a British teashop.

Hyde and Co
785 North Bridge Rd, S198753
Open Mon-Sat 11am-6pm
Tel:  9369-4369