[Closed till further notice] The Mama Shop (opened by Felicia Chin and Sora Ma)

It is a trek up a small, steep hill to reach this 'Mama Shop'. Opened by actresses Felicia Chin, Sora Ma, in a partnership with 2 other friends, the nearest MRT station to it is Outram Park. The open, non-air-conditioned area with whimsical, old-school patterned floor tiles sits up to 14. Its shopfront hawks a slew of what the 80's and 90's generation will know as childhood goodies (gem biscuits in tins and paper 'snake ladder' board game) and more titbits.

There was barely no one when I went to visit on a Thursday afternoon. The menu is limited to a few drinks and mains which incorporates "local" ingredients a lot of us would be familiar with. They also have a small display of jar cakes and dessert, but it didn't look very appealing.

Mama Shop Food Menu
Mama Shop - Drinks Menu

Green Bean Slushie

Green Bean Slush ($3.90)
The recommended drink was the red bean slush, but I decided to skip out because of the coconut milk. The green bean slush was dripping left-right-everywhere when I first received it from the hands of the shopkeeper, as it was too full and melting too fast. Thankfully, he offered to remake it. Otherwise, this would have been a mess to drink. Tastes like your green bean soup, iced version. Not bad. 

Otah Roll 

When my knife first touched the bread roll, there was a pretty solid sound. Realised most parts of the bread was overtoasted to hardiness when I cut into it further. The bun interior had a dry, hard texture. When I gave feedback while getting the bill:

"Ya I think I put it in the oven a bit long, sorry ah."

Otah Roll ($7.90)
Luckily, the 2 pieces of Muar Otah were flavourful. Then again, you can easily get a much thicker slab of tasty Muar Otah from your nearby market for $2.  Even though serving it with the "wheel" chips is a pretty novel concept and adds a nostalgic touch, the chips aren't exactly that delicious to be a suitable side. For the price, I felt like I had been given the short shrift.

This may be called a cafe, but it seems to be more of a 'mama shop' that happens to have a side menu of a few specialty concoctions and food items. While some of the drinks may be unique, most of the food items look like they can be (and was) put together without much culinary skill, even though the burgers sound alright. It is ok if you come here for the secluded ambience and to 'escape' into the 90's. The decor really does a good job at it. But if you are expecting to average/above-average quality food, then other places will be much better. 
You can try your luck visiting if you want to meet the actresses, but then again, they aren't neighbours there.

The Mama Shop
195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace
Old Police Operational Headquarters, S168976.
Mon-Thurs 12pm-10pm; Fri-Sat 12pm-11pm
Phone: 9168-2258