Of Luna Wraps and Eclairs- Chef Yamashita

Newly opened Chef Yamashita is helmed by the master himself, who has been based in Singapore for the past 7 years. Previously from Flor Patisserie, the soft-spoken chef and his wife like Singapore so much that they have decided to take the plunge in setting up their own shop here since they are here to stay.

The quaint little shop facing the inside of Tanjong Pagar Plaza is located on the 2nd floor. Apart from the display of desserts and tarts, the shop also has the Chef's cookbook displayed on the shelves by the wall, along with other little nibblings such as madeleines and cookies which are readily packed for easy take-away.

Brandied Cherry Tart, GT Eclair and the assorted signature Luna Wraps 
One simply cannot leave without trying the Chef's proudest creation - the Luna Wrap. These are available in assorted flavors, and we got the Caramel and Banana Luna Wrap to try, along with the GT eclair. 

Cocooned within a soft fluffy pancake-like roll, the caramelised bananas sit atop a two-layered cream base- custard cream followed by caramel-flavored cream.  The velvety cream complemented the fluffy pan-spongecake and it all makes for an enjoyable afternoon tea piece without being cloying. The caramel was however, slightly burnt, as it had a little bitter aftertaste to it, but the cream made up for it with its delightful lightness.    
Caramel and Banana Luna Wrap
GT Eclair
The GT Eclair contained Kyoto matcha cream made using Uji Green Tea and came studded with crunchy chestnuts and little mounds of azuki bean paste. The mix of textures made every mouthful a delight and matcha fans will not go wrong with this, though eating it prettily proved challenging as it was hard not to destroy it while forking through the piece.

We took away the Brandied Cherry Tart and this was my favorite among all. Brandied, juicy and sweet dark cherries are generously heaped upon a glazed soft custard, enclosed within crumbly tart base. In all, this was a very well-made pastry.

The place is more of a take-away concept as seating is almost non-existent, spare for a small square table which can seat 2 comfortably right outside the shop. Definitely a place to check out for their pastries- authentic Japanese style. Oishii

Chef Yamashita
Block 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza
10am-6.30pm on weekdays, Sundays 10am-4pm.