Review~ Togi Korean Restaurant

Togi Korean Restaurant is located at Tripleone@Somerset and this is its second branch in Singapore, with the first one located at 11 Mosque Street, around Chinatown. I was in town and googled for affordable korean food, and this showed up on my list, so my mum and I decided to give it a try.
The restaurant has a comfortable dining atmosphere, and coupled with the decor, it really feels like dining in korea. I loved the somewhat casual and warm atmosphere of small-medium eateries that I visited while I was in Korea, and Togi offered that vibe here.

The restaurant was filled on the Saturday evening we visited, and there were a few big groups enjoying the korean bbq. The menu was sufficient in variety, comprising of the usual korean fare- Korean Bbq meats ala carte, pancakes, soups and rice (think bibimbap and bulgogi with rice).

반찬: Bean sprouts Kimchi, Fishcake slices, potato salad, tuna with peas with mixed vegetables, marinated anchovies and kimchi.
The 반찬 (banchan - small portions of side dishes commonly served with korean food) was served to us after we placed our order. Especially memorable was the flavourful porridge(seafood with carrot bits), potato salad and bean sprouts kimchi. The porridge, with the seafood flavor, was sweet and refreshing to the palate, and tasted really wholesome with nutritious goodness. The kimchi wasn't that much to my liking though. It tasted a little too mild. I like my kimchi with the sour tang and crunchy bite. The refill of the banchan was gladly given- all you have to do is ask. Just the banchan alone, especially the porridge, is enough reason for another visit. 
Banchan - Seafood porridge. As you can see, I already took a mouthful of it because it looked enticing and tasted superb.

Service-wise, it was hard at times to get the attention of the servers, perhaps because we were sitting right at the corner of the restaurant. 

The Kimchi pancake with seafood ($12) was crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside with a generous serving of squid. My only gripe is that it seemed a little too oily, and the taste of kimchi was not that obvious. The waitress did apologise for serving it slightly imperfect in presentation, as pictured below. 

As for the kimchi soup with pork ($13), it came bubbling hot and hearty with ingredients such as mushrooms, a few flat rice cake pieces (tteobbokki), beancurd and of course kimchi. It was slightly more on the spicier side. A pretty good version of the kimchi jjigae among all those I have tasted thus far.

The cappuccino is also affordably priced at $3 and came with a green tea biscuit. Decent coffee they have here, if the cappuccino is anything to go by. 

I will likely return to try the dolsot bibimbap(korean mixed rice in a hot stone pot), and also the ala carte bbq meat which we saw so many other tables ordering. It is definitely reasonably priced and very much authentic. A good choice to go for when you are craving for korean food in town without a wish to jostle at foodcourts nor pay exorbitant prices. 

Togi Korean Restaurant
Tripleone @Somerset, 02-16